Review: She’s Out of My League

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So before I begin this review, let me say, my viewing of She’s Out of My League was not planned for the evening that I saw it . Earlier in the day, I was sitting down to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3-D, and midway through Tim Burton’s film (after I blurted out to my friend that I had an insane craving to go to Hot Topic :P), the theatre reeked of smoke. We were all escorted out into the lobby where we were giving free movie passes, and later it was decided that my crew and I would not resit through the first half of Alice. Instead, we decided to use the passes to check out She’s Out of My League.

Best free pass used ever! Yes, I know, you’re thinking, what free pass isn’t good? Well, if you wanna sit through a bad movie for free, go right ahead. You let me know how that makes you feel, using free money on a bad movie. Yeah it’s free, but what a waste.

Anyway, I knew that I had wanted to check out She’s Out of My League, free pass or not, so see it I did. The movie centers around Kirk (Jay Baruchel, in his first leading role) as your typical nice guy who doesn’t really hit it off with the ladies (trust me, I can sympathize with him). His best friends all insult him with love, and his family has practically adopted his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend as their own. Through a series of events, Kirk meets Molly (Alice Eve), they hang out, they date and she begins to fall for him. He questions it, his friends question it, his family questions it, but she is the only one who doesn’t. Kirk also encounters her ex-boyfriend who swears to get Molly back, leading Kirk’s self esteem to sink quite low in his relationship with the beautiful Molly. Will the two survive (cue dramatic music here)?

She’s Out of my League is a hysterical movie, and the movie would fall flat without the chemistry between Kirk and Molly. Baruchel and Eve play off their characters like they really could end up together, because Kirk is a very likable guy, and Molly is not a typical stuck up hottie. The characters in the movie keep referring to her as a 10, but as the movie goes on, Molly seems very down to earth, very sweet, and very much a person who could fall for Kirk. Their relationship is 100% believable.

Baruchel does a great job in his first lead role and he carries it with ease, but is highly supported but a random cast of characters. T.J. Miller, who plays Stainer, steals every scene he is in (lead singer for a Hall and Oates cover band? Why not?). Miller’s only other notable role was the cameraman in Cloverfield. Besides Miller, there’s Nate Torrence, who plays Devon, who makes absurd Disney references based on Kirk and Molly’s budding relationship that leave you giggling. As for the rest, Kirk’s family is hysterical but one you would not want in real life. It’s also important to note that the movie really boasts no major star power. Baruchel has had small roles in Knocked Up and Tropic Thunder. Miller, like I stated before, was in Cloverfield, and the only other recognizable person is Debra Jo Rupp as Kirk’s mom, and she seems to be content playing moms cause that what she was on That 70’s Show. All in all, not having any A-listers is probably what made She’s Out of My League better in the long run.

To conclude, She’s Out of My League isn’t very original, plot wise. It follows a cliche formula about a boy meeting a girl and knowing that the girl is, well, way out of his league. But it’s also movies like this that can demonstrate that there is strong belief that looks aren’t everything. And that’s a good thing. I really liked She’s Out of My League. The flick is fun, good hearted, silly, and ultimately, entertaining. Works for me.


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