Trailer Tuesday: Horrible Bosses

logan j. fowler and bill bodkin look at the new comedy starring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston …

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided: Undecided.
Let me get this out of the way; I am going to see this movie. Even though I said “undecided,” you can knock out the “no thanks” option. Just not sure whether I want to lock it down for a theater viewing. Regardless, Horrible Bosses looks like a ton of fun. It has two of my favorite actors, Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) and Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) along with some A-list stars playing the titular bosses (Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey), and Jennifer Aniston, who may in fact provide her best movie in years as a dentist who has sexual harassment laws written all over her (she constantly flirts and makes advances on Day’s Dale Arbus). In turn, Bateman, Day, and Jason Sudeikis’ characters set out to kill each other’s bosses for all their wrong doing. The flick has all the makings of a a zany black comedy that boasts a really impressive cast. I’ll check it out one way or another for sure.

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided: Rent.
The first trailer for Horrible Bosses focused mainly on Jason Sudeikis, who I really don’t find that funny. Outside of his involvement in the sketch “What Up With That?” and as a Sarah Palin’s husband (both non-speaking roles), I’ve never gotten into him on SNL or the big screen. So initially, while Colin Farrell’s character seemed interesting, I wasn’t thrilled with Horrible Bosses. However recent updates which have focused on Jason Bateman vs. Kevin Spacey and Charlie Day vs. Jennifer Aniston have made me change my mind — just not enough to purchase a movie ticket. Bateman’s lines about racing his Prius (“I lose a lot”) and Day’s facial reactions to Aniston’s advancements make me laugh everytime. However, I still have reservations that I’ve seen the funniest moments of the movie in the trailer. Also, a lot of the “black” comedies I’ve seen recently have either pulled it’s punches or have gone way overboard. Let’s hope this film finds the middle ground.
— BB

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