Interview: Marissa Nadler

erin petrie speaks with Boston singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler …

Boston songstress Marissa Nadler’s music is often aptly describe as dream folk. Nadler’s lyrics paint sad, vaguely familiar scenes while soft, swirling music dances gently in the background — the songs nearly hypnotize you into a dream-like state.

Her latest eponymous record was released in June on her own Box of Cedar Records and is available on Etsy, where she also features some of her other artistic works.

She has released two singles from her fifth album, “The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You” and “Baby I Will Leave You In The Morning.” She’s currently on tour, landing in the Big Apple for her last performance on July 30 in Brooklyn.

Pop-Break: There’s a definite melancholy to your songs. Do you consider yourself a dark person or do you think you are just able to empathize with such sadness?

Marissa Nadler: I am definitely a person that is prone to melancholy. More than that, however, I just think that I have a proclivity towards empathizing with the less glamorous side of things.

PB: What have been your biggest musical influences?

MN: Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush are two big ones.

PB: Music isn’t your only art — tell us about what other talents and ventures.

MN: I sew pornographic pillows and make handmades for ETSY. I also am a painter.

PB: How do you think your music has evolved?

MN: It continues to evolve and will continue to evolve. I think that with each album I strive for more pure forms of expression.

PB: What made you decide to branch out on your own with this latest album and what was the experience like?

MN: It’s a long and complicated story. Lets just say that I’m glad now that I did it this way.

PB: Do you think you’ll do the same with your next album?

MN: I think I will continue to self- release, yes.

PB: What’s your favorite place to perform?

MN: In small venues, without bar noise. I have my favorite cities. I always love playing NYC.

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