Pop-Break Live Preview: Wakah Chan

jeanne crump previews the Asbury Park band’s latest show …

With a scene that is so heavily dominated by punk and indie rock, Wakah Chan’s “acid lounge jazz & avante-garde funk” is a refreshing find. Predominately landing in the category of jazz music, the group creatively incorporates elements of funk, blues, soul and worldly rhythms to resonate a feel-good, lighthearted mix of sounds. Wakah Chan’s music is reflective of their positive energy and sense of goodwill, and that is what took my interest in them to the next level.

The band states “our goal is to bring together a community-centered open-minded creative tribe of kindred spirits.” They frequently invite artists to their shows to create during their set, and hope to bring art to the forefront of their mission as musicians. Whenever these free spirited souls have the chance they’re giving back by playing at charity events and fundraisers. Now isn’t that what music should be all about?

Forming only about a year ago, the now four-piece ensemble had their debut live performance at The Saint in Asbury Park, N.J. They went on to play at The Starland Ballroom and The Brighton Bar, and were nominated as best Jam Band in the Asbury Music Awards last year. They are currently in pre-production of a debut studio album, and plan on spreading the good word through live performances and positive beats.

You can catch Wakah Chan live at Chico’s House of Jazz in Asbury Park Wednesday, August 3. The show is all ages and is free. It begins at 7:30 p.m. For more info and music, go to the band’s official page www.wakahchanmusic.com.

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