Interview: Agnostic Front

joe zorzi interviews the hardcore punk icons …

For those in the punk community, Agnostic Front are icons. They are the purveyors, the grand daddys, the masters of the hardcore style of punk rock that fuels mosh pits to this day. And unlike their 1980s contemporaries, Agnostic Front remains a relevant, fist-in-your jaw unit that is still producing records. Pop-Break’s Joe Zorzi spoke with longtime Agnostic Front vocalist Roger Miret.

Pop-Break: You guys just released your new album, My Life, My Way. How would you say the reception’s been so far?

Roger Miret: I think it’s good. All the reviews are pretty good. We’re giving it a go, you know what I’m saying? We’re really committed and dedicated to what we do, so …

PB: That’s great. And would you say the creative process for this album was similar to your past ones?

RM: I could say so, you know the band writes.

PB: You write the music first?

RM: It’s always been music first with us. And then we do the lyrics.

PB: And the lyrics on this album, what were your main influences?

RM: Just everyday life, man. Just the simple fact of living, watching TV, seeing what’s going on in the world. That’ll make you write about all kinds of stuff, you know what I mean? Hypocrisies and all that stuff going on.

PB: You guys started in 1980 — the music industry has changed a lot, especially with the digital age. Has this been hard for you guys? How did that affect you guys, being veterans?

RM: I mean, since when we started to now, the music industry has humungously changed. A whole different world. As far as the whole industry in general, it went from being independent labels to these monstrous labels. And I think obviously we all know it’s taken a big turn back, you know?

PB: Do you think having all these sites, like Facebook and Twitter, actually helps or does that make it harder with all the other artists out there today?

RM: I think that helps the band, sure. It just helps be in contact with the fans. And you know, back then, the bands basically they had fan mail. You kept in contact with mail with people that ran the fan mail for you. There would people that would do this that were just dedicated fans. And that’s how it was back then. All the sudden, now you have these monsters like Myspace and Facebook and it became all hands on and it became more like, you know …

PB: … promote yourself.

RM: Yeah, pretty much. Internet and kind of sharing and just working, you know?

PB: With that, have you noticed a lot of changes with the fans and stuff over the years too?

RM: Well, it definitely broadened everything. It made it for more instant communication with people in general. Back then, you put out a record and letters would come in the mail with fans that love the record. And it would take a while for all that to happen. But now instantly, you know, the minute your record comes out you got people hitting you up like, ‘Oh I love the record!’ you know, blah, blah, blah. So, it’s become more of a instant sensation. Which, I guess is cool. But, it definitely took away a lot of the mysteries, you know what I mean?

PB: What kind of music do you guys listen to?

RM: I have two little kids. So I’m listening to Yo Gabba Gabba nonstop.

PB: If you’re going to listen to any kid show, though, that’s definitely the best one.

RM: Yeah, I mean I don’t have free will of my music anymore. Only when I go on the road. Everything’s occupied, even my TV’s occupied by Mickey Mouse. Disney has invaded my life. And that’s the story of my life I guess.

PB: That’s still pretty cool that you’re able to be a parent and still tour and stuff, you know? Best of both worlds, I assume.

RM: Absolutely.

PB: So what are your guys plans for the future? Do you plan on making a lot more albums?

RM: Well, man, our immediate plans I guess would be to continue going out there and playing our current album, our current songs. We’re really excited, we’re really looking forward to this. And that’s really the true immediate plans we have. You know, just to go out there and play our new songs that we just recorded for everyone. And of course, there could always be a new album on the way eventually. But, it’s too far ahead to think about right now while we’re enjoying these songs and we’re about to play them and get, you know, my full heart out of them.