Trailer Tuesday: 30 Minutes Or Less

logan j. fowler and bill bodkin look at the new comedy …

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? Rent (but possibly theater).
“From the Director of Zombieland …” Hmm, now I’m intrigued. This movie, directed by the same guy who gave us one of my favorite flicks in recent memory, has a sweet cast featuring Zombieland alumni Jesse Eisenberg (fresh off his Oscar nomination for The Social Network), Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari, and Nick Swardson. The trailer actually made me chuckle several times (at some points out loud), but hopefully they left a lot of good stuff for the movie viewing. For that reason, I steered clear of the red band trailer in order to avoid the vulgar (and perhaps funnier) jokes contained therein. But just going on the general preview footage alone, I may slap down some cash to see the film on the big screen. While August always seems to be a dumping ground for bad summer movies, 30 Minutes Or Less looks like a possible diamond in the rough. Here’s hoping.

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? Rent.
30 Minutes Or Less looks like it could be a really strong late summer comedy. The trailer reminds me a lot of Pineapple Express, not in subject matter, but in terms of the style of comedy — a freewheeling sense of manic insanity. However, there’s one thing really holding me back from watching this movie in theaters: Aziz Ansari. I have never found him funny. It’s the reason I have never watched Parks And Recreation. I find him grating, annoying and completely over-hyped. Mainstream audiences drool over his nasally shrill style of foul-mouthed comedy. I just find him to be boring and unoriginal and he seems to end every joke with the word “bitch.” I could be totally wrong, maybe he’s hilarious in this film, but his presence will keep me away from theaters. And it’s disappointing because I loved Zombieland and I’m a fan of both Danny McBride and Jesse Eisenberg, I think they will work extremely well in the film. And Nick Swardson is usually gold. So I’ll wait to rent this on Netflix as opposed to sitting in theaters.
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