Pop-Preview: ‘Doctor Who’ Series 6, Part 2

jason stives returns with the weekly Doctor Who review …

Well, that was the fastest thre months ever, and now I’m back to discuss everyone’s favorite Timelord, as Doctor Who is set to resume its sixth series on Saturday, Aug. 27 on BBC America. After a tumultuous seven episodes this past spring, in which the identity of River Song was revealed to the world, the expectations from show runner Steven Moffat to top what has happened so far are immense. As someone who decries being a pacifist in expectations, no doubt we will be treated to an excellent string of stories before the show leaves the airwaves for at another year minus this year’s Christmas special. But what do we know so far about Series 6.2?

While most of the information listed below has been released by various news outlets, I will opt to sway away from rumors about the series outcome and any cast changes that have been purported. Anything that does happen will be reviewed in a series retrospective after the show has finished in early October. In the meantime, here is some of the information known and allotted about the remaining six episodes of this season:

Episode 8: Let’s Kill Hitler
For all the uproar that followed the reveal of this title at the end of “A Good Man Goes To War,” early reviews have indicated a joyride of an episode with many new plot threads to bare. Steven Moffat is not one to give the audience the easy way in to a storyline, so it should be interesting to see what happens here. Obviously, no Hitler killing will be involved, but how will the Doctor and company deal with the greatest dictator in history?

Episode 9: Night Terrors
Originally slated for the fourth episode of this season but pushed back to the second half, this Mark Gattis penned solo episode has been known for awhile to involve scary-looking dolls and a demented puppet. With content like that, the title is aptly placed and sure to keep young children (and maybe parents) awake at night.

Episode 10: The Girl Who Waited
There have been mere glimpses of this episode, and what has been said is intriguing. The most that has been shown includes a train riding a trestle through a great Pyramid and River Song with an eye path similar to Madam Kavorians. There has also been a glimpse of some Viking-like action, possibly relating to River’s previous mention of a picnic in Asgard. Hammer of the Gods indeed.

Episode 11: The God Complex
This episode has had the most footage revealed, including a two-minute clip from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Contents are scarce, but it takes place in a hotel with a Minotaur-like creature. Oh, and there is a clown — a really creepy sad one.

Episode 12: TBA
No title yet, but a lot has already been foretold and glanced including the return of the Cybermen and their mechanical rodent counter parts, the cybermats, last seen way back in the mid-’70s. Craig and Sophie, who appeared in last season’s “The Lodger,” will return, reprised respectively by James Corden and Daisy Haggard.

Episode 13: TBA
Again, no title and less is known about this single-episode finale, the sixth penned by Moffat this season. Very few details are known outside of the return of Winston Churchill, Dorium and the Silence. Former Today show host Meredith Viera recorded a cameo for this episode when she visited the set earlier this year. Maybe SHE is the impossible astronaut? Nah, just kidding!

So many questions need to be answered between now and the finale, and with advance reviews of “Let’s Kill Hitler” coming in, it seems as if Steven Moffat has created even more conundrums to be explained by the beginning of October when Series 6 comes to an epic conclusion. With less than two weeks away for the premiere, the BBC has released a prequel of sorts to Episode 8, bridging the gap between the events of “A Good Man Goes To War” and “Let’s Kill Hitler.” It is posted below for your enjoyment and prolongs your anticipation.


All Photos Credit: BBC America