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Game On: The Fall and Winter Video Game Preview

Logan J. Fowler scopes out some upcoming hot video games as the weather cools down …

With a kind of rainy summer behind us, it’s no doubt a lot of gamers spent those days plugging away at their favorite games. However, the colder seasons of fall and winter are fast approaching, and with that, so is the inevitable holiday season. Starting in September, big name games will be arriving on store shelves and not stopping for too long until after December. Here’s a handy guide for some exciting titles that are coming your way.*


Dead Island
Release Date: Sept. 6
Systems: Playstation 3, XBOX360

Do me a favor. Before you read anymore, just watch this trailer. Then continue on.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTtv3DyXRow&w=560&h=345]

You hooked? Yes, while nothing in Dead Island will probably match the quality of the film posted (not to say it won’t be a great game), it intrigued gamers everywhere, and definitely is one of the best video game trailers I’ve seen.

Dead Island is Left 4 Dead meets Grand Theft Auto, as a zombie outbreak causes four individuals to persevere based on limited resources while completing missions around the isle. Additionally, they have to prevent zombies from devouring the rest of the tourists, so with that said, Dead Island is looking to be a game of skill, wits, and if you’re not lucky, massive frustration. Any zombie enthusiast will probably be right at home, as well as any fan of vulgar or crude material. Dead Island earns its “M” rating completely; there is sex, drugs, and zombie heads will roll. May make you rethink a tropical vacation.

Star Fox 64 3DS
Release Date: Sept. 9
System: 3DS

With the sales of the 3DS lingering (and a recent price drop to boot), the system needs a good library of games to keep it going. Star Fox 3DS is going to be the lead in to a bunch of great games for the handheld, as Nintendo will be releasing great titles all the way up till Christmas (but I’ll get to those games later).

In the meantime, Star Fox 64 3DS is an on rails airplane (or in this case, arwing) shooter where you control Fox McCloud as he tries to take down his nemesis Andross. He is joined by fellow pilots Peppy (“DO A BARREL ROLL”), Falco and Slippy for backup in taking out the mysterious monkey boss. You’ll use bombs wisely, be saving Slippy’s skin a lot, and have to listen to Falco being cocky all over again, as this version of Star Fox is a 3D version of Star Fox 64, as the title implies. Yeah, it’s nothing original, but there is be some extra new content to this flight game, and as the other port for the handheld got a total makeover (The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time), Star Fox 64 3DS will follow suit in upping the graphical quality. Will I be skipping this one? No way. “Can’t let you do that, Star Fox.”


Spider-Man: Edge Of Time
Release Date: Oct. 4
Systems: Playstation 3, XBOX360, Wii, DS

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogN9hrhTFVs&w=560&h=345]

Halloween is time for costumes, and what better way to celebrate the special occasion than sharing sometime with everyone’s favorite masked webhead? The gaming world hasn’t been kind to Spider-Man, and as the wallcrawler’s biggest fan, this disappoints me greatly. However, positive buzz has surrounded Spidey’s newest video game outing, in where present day Spider-Man and his 2099 counterpart must work together dimensionally to stop the destruction of the Amazing Spider-Man. Will this web be woven wonderfully? Or leave webhead fanatics full of woe and feeling wounded? How many more “W” words can I think of? Well, we wish only wonderful outcomes for the wallcrawler. Let’s hope he swings high this time around.

Batman: Arkham City
Release Date: Oct. 18
Systems: Playstation 3, XBOX360


If you don’t like Spider-Man (HOW DARE YOU), what better way to celebrate Halloween than sharing sometime with everyone’s favorite costumed caped crusader? Batman returns in the follow up to his critically acclaimed appearance in Arkham Asylum (a game which I am trying to complete as quickly as possible so I can be all caught up for the sequel), titled Arkham City. Expanding the environment that Arkham Asylum presented to players, Arkham City brings in even more participants from Batman’s rogue gallery, allowing fanboys and girls to even hang up the cape for a bit and pull out the whip and leather. Turned on? Sicko. In any case, those who purchase the game will be able to roam around Gotham as Catwoman, as she becomes a playable character during the course of the game. Me-ow. Anyone who dug Batman’s first Arkham game outing (raises hand) will be happy as clams to glide kick some baddies yet again in mid October.

Kirby’s Return To Dream Land
Release Date:
Oct. 24
Systems: Wii

When it comes to Nintendo, I love all the big N’s characters, but Kirby is by far my favorite. The simplicity of the games, the cute aesthetics. I don’t know what it is, but the little pink puffball hasn’t failed me yet, and that’s probably why I continue to pick up every game he’s in. In this adventure, Kirby must piece together missing parts of a starship to get some alien dudes back home. But going solo? Nope, not in this game; as Kirby searches for the broken bits, he can be joined by Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. The four player option probably won’t be nearly as ridiculous as New Super Mario. Bros Wii, but then again, it’s Kirby, so who knows, but I can’t wait to find out.



The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Release Date: Nov. 20
Systems: Wii


Hard to believe that the Wii is on its way out, but it’s true: As Nintendo draws the curtains on its little white box that could, it isn’t going down without a bang. The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is another title in the long-running Nintendo franchise, and unlike Twilight Princess, this Wii game was built from the ground up for the system (Twilight Princess was a Gamecube game that was ported over to the Wii with some motion control). Link is controlled with the Wii Remote motion plus, making players more in tune with the hero’s movements on screen. Graphically, the game looks somewhere between Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker, less dark, more cartoon format, and overall everyone who has laid their hands on the game seem to dig it. Little is known about the actual story, but news tells that the creation of the master sword takes place within the game. A lover of past Zelda games, but slightly disappointed by Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword is going to be a game (along with the previously mentioned Kirby title) to give me reason to dust off my Wii. I’ve already pre-ordered the bundle, which features a gold Wii remote with motion plus, the game, and a 25th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda symphony CD. Geeking out much? Yeah, you could say that. Haters are going to hate.

Super Mario 3D Land
Release Date: TBA
Systems: 3DS

Every Nintendo system has had a Mario title to call its own, and the 3DS will have its first shot at the franchise when the game releases on an unannounced date in November. The synopsis is probably not needed, as I’m sure the hero in overalls must save the princess yet again (seriously, girl needs better security). However, what needs to be mentioned is the return of Mario’s infamous Takooni suit (hopefully he turns into a statue, as he can’t fly, only glide), which was a beloved power up from Super Mario Bros. 3. Combining elements from Mario games old and new, Super Mario 3D Land will be a must buy for any 3DS owner.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaiv-Br1PgE&w=560&h=345]


Max Payne 3
(Rumored) Release Date: Dec. 1
Systems: Playstation 3, XBOX360


The third act in the Max Payne franchise had been under construction for a while. While this writer could not solidify an actual release date, it seems all signs are pointed towards the end of the year. In any case, this much is known; Max is bald, he’s in Brazil, and he’s gonna kick some ass, hopefully in bullet time style like always. Most fans raised an eyebrow regarding Max’s new style and the setting, as New York seemed to be a gritty atmosphere for the noir narrative. However, as a fan of the series, I sincerely want to give Max Payne 3 a shot, no pun intended.

Mario Kart 7
Release Date: TBA
Systems: 3DS

The Mario Kart series has been hit-and-miss, with more of an emphasis on hit and less on miss. The franchise has been mimicked with similar racers on other systems, but they all seem to fail in comparison. Not one to give up the fight even though it’s already in first place with the kart racer genre, Nintendo is releasing the next installment of the series with a simple number behind the title. Odd choice, but hey, in this one, you can fly with a hang glider attached to your car or go underwater! Nice! Hopefully the courses in this one are a little more inspired, as Mario Kart Wii’s selection was a little subpar, especially compared to Mario Kart DS. Will the racer thrive on this version of the DS as it did on the last version? We’ll see by Christmas.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G0Q58-C0ME&w=560&h=345]

TBA 2011

Kid Icarus: Uprising
Systems: 3DS

The Kid Icarus franchise hasn’t had a game in many years. Thankfully, for old school fans of the series, that’s all about to change as Pit takes to the skies once again before the end of this year on the 3DS. In the game, Pit will do battle in the sky and on the ground, similar to Star Fox’s style of play. Kid Icarus fanatics whose appetites were whetted at the sight of Pit in Super Smash Bros. Brawl will finally have a game to call their own after desperately waiting for the winged warrior to return to battle in his own title. Hopefully the game will appeal to newcomers as well. Time will tell before the ball drops signifying the start of 2012.


*Please note these release dates are subject to change. Happy gaming, everyone!


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