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Trends on Trial: Back-to-School Style

molly & colleen hurford look at the best back-to-school fashions…

Fall is in the air, and even though we aren’t heading back to school, that doesn’t stop us from back to school shopping, or simply lusting after some new Fall essentials. Every August when we were in school, we would spend a day together deciding on our “theme” for the year: the style we wanted to affect that would determine our back to school shopping list. For me, since we decided to do this shopping list while we were at the beach, I tended to go with “beachy surfer,” which didn’t always work so well in the middle of New Jersey with nary a beach in sight. However, as our tastes have matured (though Molly still digs the surfer look), we’ve been looking at what’s in style for this season, and what the most “ready to wear” trends are if you’re hitting the halls of your high school or college.

This season is pretty varied as far as style goes: from feminine to masculine-inspired, from thigh high to sweeping the floor, there’s huge variety this season. A lot of our back to school staples are chosen for the express purpose of multi-tasking as masculine or feminine, depending on what they’re paired with. And the added bonus is that for the most part, all of the pieces can work to make basics, like skinny jeans and a tank, into a super cool outfit that will definitely turn heads in class.

Our Top 10 for the Fall

Long Sleeved Dress: It’s a new fall essential. Pair one with a pair of tights and ankle boots and it’s great for the cooler weather. Or, to be even hipper and ’90s casual, a long sleeved long dress with some lace up boots is a seriously cool and school-appropriate look.

Printed Pants: Whether they are skinny jeans with a funky pattern or comfy harem style pants, prints are big this season. But no matter what the fashion magazines tell you, be careful if you want to mix up patterns: no one wants to look like she’s in the circus. (Unless that’s what you’re going for. In which case, go crazy!)

Faux Fur Jacket: So these are show-stopping pieces. You have to handle faux fur carefully so you don’t looked … well, cracked out. If you pair it with a sleek outfit in a basic color scheme, you can’t really go wrong. Think dark denim skinny jeans and a black tank. You will look cool and a little wacky without looking like Ke$ha dressed in Grey Gardens. Want fur that won’t be stuck in your locker all day? Consider a faux fur vest instead, keeping the same simple style underneath.

Pleated Skirts: Classic school girl. As long as you aren’t pairing this skirt with a top you are busting out of and thigh high stockings, you will have an old school, private school uniform look that is more classy than adult film. Consider adding a cardigan with elbow pads. Our favorite length? Just above the knee. The miniskirt can be sexy, but make sure it’s dress code approved!

Cropped Sweater: These are everywhere these days, and with the change of seasons, they are great for layering. Throw them over one of your summer dresses and make it into a fall outfit. In the winter, they can be great for school with a tank top underneath. Add bell-bottoms for a ’90s style, or skinny jeans for a more modern feel.

Heels with Hardware: I know no one really wants to wear heels to school, except maybe on the first day when you want to make an impression. And this season’s heels will make an impression for sure. Studs and spikes on stacked platforms are everywhere and add an edgy touch to an outfit. Just make sure you check your school’s dress code, wouldn’t want your shoes to be considered a weapon! Can’t stand heels? Motorcycle boots with serious chains and buckles can be a great substitute, or even studded flats.

Speaking of which …

Combat Boots: Not only are these very “in,” but they are also comfortable and warm. If you really love combat boots and want to invest, get a pair of classic Doc Martens. Sure, they’re pricey (around $150) but … they last forever and will get you through any weather. While basic black (or oxblood red) are our favorites, they come in all kinds of cute colors and patterns these days. You can through them with pretty much any outfit, dress or jeans, and look casual cool.


Over-sized Cardigans: These are staples of both of our wardrobes, for every season. We are cardigan junkies, which is like heroin, but a lot warmer and less terrible. If you find a long cardigan, you can even pair it with opaque tights or leggings and wear it like a minidress. Or you can look like a grandpa, albeit a very sexy grandpa. And still be totally comfy. Rock a miniskirt, skinny jeans, a dress, whatever- cardigans are a great way of controlling temperature, especially when during the school day, some classrooms are boiling and others are freezing cold.

Bomber Jackets: Whether they are leather or denim they give you a look that says, “I’m not trying, but I still look like the cool badass from a ’90s teen movie.” ‘Nuff said. Again, skinny jeans or a miniskirt and a tank top can be great with this jacket- wear jeans when going for the masculine look that’s super in right now, and with a miniskirt to add some contrast to a super feminine ensemble.

Thigh High Socks: These are one of my favorite accessories ever. Your feet stay warm and so do most of your legs, but they look way sexier than just wearing tights or leggings (but less trashy than sheer or fishnet thigh highs!) Great way to get around dress code and still be appropriate but super “in,” though make sure you have regular socks when you have to change for gym class.

Coming Soon: Back-to-college essentials, avoiding the freshman faux pas, choosing the perfect backpack, our favorite fictional nerds, and our personal favorite: how to get around school dress codes!

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