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Review: ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ by Justice

bill bodkin reviews the french duo’s new album …

Since I came of age in the mid-’90s, the radio was a fertile crescent of musical discovery. With the Seattle grunge scene fading into the ether, a slew of sub-genres attempted to take the crown of alt supremacy from grunge. One of those moments was electronica. The mid-’90s saw those block-rockin’ beats explode through our speakers. Its high-energy, big-bass approach to music and the day-glo, wide legged pants rave scene that accompanied it were for perfect for the end of that decade. It was modern-day disco just amped up to a truly bombastic level.

For most rock and alt-rock fans. the electronica movement came and went as the ’90s came to a close. However, it seems that this movement was just the prologue, the pre-game, the appetizer for what was to come in this decade — the true electronic dance movement.

And for those of us who are desperately trying to catch up with this scene, the perfect band has released the album to reacquaint ourselves with the world of bass, breaks and bootyshaking — Justice.

The French duo first tantalized our eardrums in 2007 with their album Cross. With tracks like “Genesis,” “DVNO” and “D.A.N.C.E.,” the team of Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard AugĂ© taught us it was okay to move our feet again.

On their latest release Audio, Video, Disco, Justice wants us to not just get and move, they want us to let loose in all sorts of ways. From chill synth-laden grooves, electro-inspired pop tracks and full-out base in your face, Justice’s latest album is the blueprint to discovering and embracing today’s world of dance music.

The most recognizable track off the album and probably one of the catchiest cuts on A,V,D is “Civilization” which has been used on various commercials, including a recent Adidas campaign. Its hook is the type that gets stuck in your brain on constant loop, inducing a nonstop foot tap and head bop.

If there’s any complaint about the record, it’s there should be more big-bass, big-hook tracks. There seems to be more of a leaning towards of more slick, darker tracks than let loose, bombastic tracks. However, this comes from the opinion of a writer who enjoys epic ’80s metal guitar solos, so there’s a personal inclination for big, grandiose and over the top tracks.

Audio, Video, Disco is your gateway drug to the world of dance that is currently dominating the world of music — lucky the only side effect will be wearing out your dancing shoes.


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