Pop-Preview: Uncomun Monthly (January)

the news desk previews the monthly New York artist collective …

Tonight at Drom in New York City (85 Avenue A), the Uncomun Monthly returns with a show called “A Love Haiti Tribute.”

A Love Haiti Tribute is being put together in memory of the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake of Haiti. According to Uncomun producer Maya Azucena, “Haiti must not be forgotten as they continue to rebuild their communities. Let’s send a soul clap to the people of Haiti everywhere, for rebuilding with dignity! Someone keeps asking me when I’ll sing Hallelujah again — Jan. 12 will be the night.”

Uncomun is an artist collaborative featuring live music, film, art, dance, DJ sets, VJ sets and literature. It’s an event that celebrates the New York artist, the “uncommon” artist, the artist that thrives on creativity and originality.

This is an event where artists of national renown like Bernie Worrell, Bill Laswell, Shelby Johnson and many, many others have left it all on the floor.

Here’s what to expect from the show this month:

Live: Maya Azucena (for whom this is a homecoming show) will be performing with her band. The New York-based hard funk band Loud Apartment, fronted by Uncomun founder Nervaris Crawford will be the house band. Special guests INI Allstars (a Haitian-American hip hop group) will also perform a set.

Film: There will be a screening of Maya Azucena’s new music video, “Cry Love,” which launched just about a month ago. See it on the big screen, along with two Behind the Scenes videos, directed by Noisemaker Media. Also featured will be the music video, “Ayiti, Ayiti” by Konbit Mizik, shot on location in Haiti.

Dance: A Haitian dance tribute by Goussy Celestin will bring honor to the rich culture of Haiti.

Resident DJ Center and VJ Carlo de Jesus will fill in the spaces with their audio-visual expertise.

Admission is $5 only before 10 p.m.. (Screening at 9 p.m.). There is no guest list.

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