Review: ‘Everyone’s Your Friend’ by A Social State

bill bodkin reviews the Pennsylvania band’s new record …

Everyone, it’s time to put some “Scrantonicity” into your lives.

While that might be a very lame reference to The Police tribute band that the character Kevin drummed for on NBC’s The Office, it still is a call for you, the listening public, to put the Scranton, Pa., band A Social State on your “bands to watch in 2012” list.

The band’s new record Everyone’s Your Friend transports you back to the early 2000s, when that emotional, immediate rock ‘n’ roll sound ruled. The record is at times driving, fun rock ‘n’ roll with a soul while at other times it’s more serious, subtle and melodic.

One of my favorite tracks is “Adams Apple.” Being a fan of more of more high-energy rock ‘n’ roll, I personally enjoyed this track the most. The song comes together together in an explosion of rock, passion and emotion. It’s the vocals, bass, drums and guitars bounce off each, creating this sheer wall of rock ‘n’ roll gold. It evokes such emotion from the listener, that you can’t help but get romantic about it.

One aspect of A Social State that really stands out are the vocals of lead singer Ed Cuozzo. His voice has this quality that harkens back to Pinkerton-era Rivers Cuomo. And frankly, don’t we all miss that era of Weezer? He has this soulfulness, this emotion to his voice that really makes you focus on and grasp the lyrics.

So if you are thirsting and longing for a new voice in the rock scene, a new band to get behind and believe in, listen to A Social State.

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