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Trailer Tuesday: American Reunion

bill bodkin and logan j. fowler cut into the fourth film….

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? No thanks. I have seen all the original American Pie movies, and no, that doesn’t include the direct to DVD spinoffs. I liked one, really enjoyed two, but found the buzz fading with Wedding. So that brings me to American Reunion, a movie which, well, I find to be completely unnecessary. It really serves no other purpose but to have the actors that were fading from stardom (save for Alyson Hannigan, and maybe Seann William Scott) to be able to cash a paycheck. And while American Pie no doubt started the era of the new age high school raunch, a genre not really seen since the 1980s, it fizzled out entirely with American Wedding. Therefore, did we really need to find out about Jim (Jason Biggs) and company years after they graduated from high school? Not really. But that’s just me. I’ll pass on this slice. –LJF

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided? DVD. I remember watching the first American Pie in theaters in Edison, New Jersey and thinking this was one of the funniest comedies I’d ever seen. I laughed so hard I was literally in tears, my sides hurting. However, as I grew older the film lost its luster thus I completely ignored the sequels. They seemed so forced, quick cash-grabs that seemed to lack any motivation or plot. Now some 13 years later, ‘the reunion’ film is upon us and I have to say I’m intrigued. There’s something about the trailer that makes me think this could have some really good laughs, some really clever moments. Yet I still have this creeping feeling it could be bad. I mean this is the same series that spawned some really, really terrible straight-to-DVD films and a lot of this cast hasn’t done anything of note in the past decade. So being torn on the movie, I’ll wait till DVD and hopefully enjoy it from the comfort of my home. –BB

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