Shipwrecked at The Shore Interview Series: Aadia

jeanne crump interviews the indiana-based punk band as they roll into asbury park for pop-break’s shipwrecked at the shore music showcase on thursday may 10 at the wonder bar…

Aadia is a band you should listen to, right now. The Indiana-based trio puts out some seriously catchy tunes. For fans of alternative/post punk, this band is for you. They’ve got thoughtfully written songs with fast, strong chords and gritty, but clean sounding vocals. You can catch Aadia on Thursday, May 10 at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park for another installment of Pop-Break’s ‘Shipwrecked at the Shore’ music showcase. And we’re super stoked to have our first out-of-state band with us at this one!

[Note: The guys were in their van on their way to New Jersey answering them, hence the brevity of the answers.]

Pop-Break: How did Aadia form and how long have you been playing together?

Aadia: We started as friends just jamming maybe 5 years or so ago. “Officially” I’d say 3 years.

PB: What has been your biggest or most memorable show thus far?

Aadia: Way too many, honestly. As for right now though, it’d have to be the one we just got done playing. We’ve never played in Manhattan before and it was definitely an interesting experience.

PB: If you could perform with one band where would it be and which band?

Aadia: Close Only Counts.

PB: What are your plans for touring this summer?

Aadia: None for now, we’re just ready to go home from this one and get some sleep

PB: What are some of your major musical influences?

Aadia: Close Only Counts

PB: Do you have any new releases coming out soon or you planning on recording anything soon?

Aadia: Nope. We’ve been doing some touring to help out our last LP. You can check it out here:

Aadia will be performing on Pop-Break’s Shipwrecked at The Shore Music Showcase on Thursday May 10 along with Imaginary War and Almost There.

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