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Pop-Break Live: Shipwrecked at The Shore (5/10)

words and photos by bill bodkin…

Imaginary War

Imaginary War really set the tone for the night. It was going to be a night of really well-performed, engaging and fun rock ‘n’ roll. What’s really cool about IW is mid-90s alt sound — it’s a shame they weren’t performing in the heyday of Nada Surf, because these guys would’ve been huge. They’ve got the proper amounts of bar band fun mixed with soulful indie street cred for the passing music fan to enjoy while drinking a Bud and the music nerd while he’s sipping on a craft beer. Highly recommend these guys.


Aadia (pronounced Odd-Dee-Ya) was in the midst of a Midwest and East Coast tour when they stopped in The Wonder Bar. They came to Shipwrecked to the Shore on a strong recommendation from our friends in the band Lost in Society, who shared a stage with Aadia in the Midwest earlier this year. The band brought a true punk rock spirit to the Wonder Bar, performing a high RPM set evoking images of Against Me.

Check out Jeanne Crump’s interview with Aadia.

Almost There

This band just knows how to tear it up, period. They’ve got a rockstar swagger to them, undeniable excellence as instrumentalists and their songs have got hooks that stay with you. Almost There has that intangible ‘it’ factor that makes you feel like it’s only a matter of time before they take off. And you gotta love a band who can interject killer instrumental covers of the 007 Theme, The Imperial March, The Super Mario Bros. Theme and the Inspector Gadget theme song into their sets. And the fact their drummer’s name is Mike Seahawk doesn’t hurt either.

Check out Bill Bodkin’s interview with Almost There.

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