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Trends on Trial: Spring Into Summer Style (Pun Intended)

molly and colleen hurford get the ladies ready for summer…

With the seasons changing, reverting, changing again, and so on, it’s hard to know what to wear any given day. So today, we’re looking at a few of our favorite trends that are appropriate for the shifting nature of the weather, and of course, the key word is: layer.

Your Spring into Summer Staples:

Maxi Dresses: So comfy you won’t understand why people keep complimenting you for being dressed up! Cool enough to survive even the hottest of days, they’re also (duh) long, so when the temperatures unexpectedly drop, they’ll still keep you warmer than that micro-mini you’ve been saving for the middle of July. Bonus: if you add a chunky tight or legging under for added warmth, no one needs to know!

Summer style: Easy, breezy! Keep it simple with one funky accessory. Our tip? Know what length works best. If you’re a flats kind of girl, make sure the dress is the right length to just barely touch the ground when you’re rocking flip flops. Digging the platform wedges that are “soooo in” this season? (We know we are!) The sky is the limit, and feel free to find a dress that’s maybe an inch or two too long. That said, hemming isn’t hard, don’t be scared to chop a bit. We love a length that comes right to the top of our feet, not farther down.

Still Stuck in Spring: layer it up! Layers with this look can go over or under: go jumper style with a long sleeve underneath the maxi, as well as the afore-mentioned tights or leggings. Really chilly? Combat boots add a badass edge, as does … the leather jacket, of course. Nothing cooler than a short leather jacket on top of a maxi for added edge, warmth and a sneaky bit of elongation. If it’s a more fitted dress, consider a chunkier sweater on top as well, possibly with a little shoulder peaking out. Simple and sleek! If it’s not too, too chilly out, consider just rocking a pashmina scarf. That way, if it’s warming up, wrap around your neck casually. Getting breezy? Use it like a shawl and wrap up!

Not sold on the maxi? If you aren’t going maxidress,

April showers may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods, rain-wise, just yet. A new, kinda cool trend is the rain cape. It’s a little simpler, a little chicer than a standard rain coat (though we do love a classic bright yellow rain coat!) and it’s great for keeping your bag dry too, since it fits nicely under it. Cleverhood, based out of Providence, RI, makes uber-hip rain capes with awesome attached caps and (whoa!) magnetic arm holes so you only get as much arm out as necessary.
Summer Style: rock a rain cape with short shorts and galoshes (or super high wedges, if you don’t mind wet feet.) You won’t get wet, and you’ll still look summery at the same time.
Still stuck in Spring: add jeans to the look instead of shorts, and you’re set!

Canvas Tote Bag
Nothing says nautical like a cool canvas tote (even more classic if it’s LL Bean and has your initials on it!) It’s a great, breezy way to carry a whole lot of stuff and take a break from your big black bag from the winter (cool as it was). Plus, now that it’s spring/summer, it’s vacation time, and tote bags make for awesome weekend trip luggage without weighing you down. Bonus: doubles as a grocery bag, beach bag, et cetera. And if you’re in an office for the summer, it’s a cool alternative to a briefcase.

Fun Shades
This practically goes without saying, but rather than the standard of “aviators are in,” “wayfarers are in,” “big sunglasses are waaaay in,” we’ve decided to just say that sunglasses are definitively in. This summer, go for what works for your face, whether that’s heart shaped frames, giant ovals, teensy circles, anything. It’s all about what makes you look and feel great.

Light Colors
Summer is the time to break out that simple white linen dress is light and breezy while being infinitely put together. It’s also the chance to use beige over black, from clothes to accessories. Beige heels elongate the leg, as you’ve probably heard or read, and if you’re already wearing a brightly colored top or dress, beige or white is a good way to keep an outfit from going overboard.

Other trends we’re digging for the summer:
sky high platform wedges: way more comfy than stilettos, but equally sexy.
statement pants: light weight, slim fitting, with playful colors and patterns.
high waisted shorts: they aren’t for everyone, but they give a formal twist to a classic look, and creates a more formal look for a casual staple.
tee shirt dresses: we will always love a good tee shirt dress, they are casual and comfy, and you get to show off your legs!

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