Album Review: Lost in Society “Let it Sail”

joe zorzi reviews the latest (and greatest?) from the asbury punk band…

In high school, back two or three bands ago I played with Lost In Society a couple times around the Red Bank scene (when Red Bank had a scene). They wouldn’t really remember as these were pretty small shows and my band wasn’t really well known. But I always remembered them being one of the more legitimate bands around our age. They were always consistent with their aggressive alternative sound and played their fair amount of shows.

They just released Let It Sail, their first full length on Altercation Records and best batch of songs yet. I’m so used to hearing albums that are loaded with bells and whistles and electronics. It’s refreshing to hear the simplicity of a three piece. Sometimes less is more, and I think Lost In Society realize that.

One of my favorites tracks on the album is “I Need You”. The song constantly builds and I also dig the catchy “My Door”. It’s one of the less aggressive tracks on the album, with a guitar pattern reminiscent of “867-5309/Jenny” (in a good way). Zack Moyle’s growling vocals and the band’s tight rhythm section really hold the album together well. And while the music may be more on the simple side, they’re still original and entertaining.

Despite a few corny lyrics (i.e. “you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin”) the album is a great offering of heavy hitting alternative/punk songs. Let It Sail will surely be a big stepping stone for Lost in Society. They’ve been making a name for themselves in Asbury Park and all of New Jersey for that matter. But this album might be what gives them the national recognition they deserve.