Review: ‘Follow The Freedom’ by Boheme

lisa pikaard reviews the new record from the former antigone rising lead singer…

It’s not easy to break away from a successful, strong, all-girl powerhouse band, but Cassidy Catanzaro, a New Jersey native, left Antigone Rising in 2008 and is finally resurfacing with a solo endeavor and a new name, Bohème.

If you’re looking for the second coming of Antigone Rising, this may not be exactly what you’re looking for; however, if you like Antigone Rising’s song, “You’re the Reason,” you will absolutely love this album. Bohème is a new uplifting identity for Cassidy; while Antigone Rising is known for its classic rock and folk vibe, the debut solo album by Bohème, entitled Follow the Freedom is predominantly blue-eyed soul and pop and is ultimately more radio friendly. Follow the Freedom is an upbeat, positive, effort that even gets a little vocal assistance from Journey’s Steve Perry. This is that great summer album that you’ve been looking for to listen to while cruising down the road with the top down or windows open.

There are a few highlights on the album that are important to note. First and foremost, “Thank you for Breaking my Heart” is a track that is simply vocals and an acoustic guitar but the song builds beautifully and does a great job showcasing the vocal abilities and control of Cassidy. “Even the Mistakes,” on the other hand, is more musically driven, but it, too, hits the mark. The last track I really want to draw attention to is “Everything Sunshine.” This tune may appear to be a breezy summer track at first listen, but it has a great message and a killer harmonica, which is something you just do not hear enough of these days.

All in all, Bohème’s, Follow the Freedom is an uplifting album that keeps things light but still has substance. For music listeners that like upbeat, peppy songs but care about the message as well, this is an album to give a listen to.

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