WWE’s Money in the Bank

michael dworkis looks at the wwe ppv…


Money in the Bank Pre-Show

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth retained the Tag Team Championships against Camacho & Hunico
Four superstars with potential, but tonight was not the night to see it. I am getting the feeling that creative are running out of ideas for Kofi and Truth, and while I would like to see more focus on the tag teams in WWE, without a title change to another team, I do not see it in the near future.

Dolph Ziggler won the World Championship Money in the Bank match

Everyone in this match, except for Sin Cara, worthy of possessing the MITB briefcase. I will be honest, the match could have been better. Too many people thrown to the outside, and we really did not see a lot of crazy action expected in the Bank match until the last few minutes. Christian came close a number of times, but each one was thwarted. Tensai just caused destruction by powerbombing Sin Cara into a ladder, and throwing Ziggler clear across the arena floor, landing head-first into the announce position, and I swear he bounced upside down in a chair. Sin Cara nearly murdered Ziggler live on television after botching a top rope Spanish Fly moonsault. Tensai nearly killed Santino with a twisting powerbomb off the ladder than just did not land right. Botched moves aside, guys like Tyson Kidd and Damien Sandow really shined during the match. The end of the match came as Christian and Rhodes were close to grabbing the case however both men came crashing down. Ziggler saw the open chance, and ascended the ladder, winning the match.

The Miz announces he is a surprise entrant in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match. Having been away from WWE for a few months to film The Marine 7: Desperate for Dollars, the most awesome man in WWE is back to reclaim his spot in the main event.

Sheamus defeated Alberto del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

A slow match, but a good one nonetheless. Sheamus is brawler while del Rio is more of a mat-based superstar, yet the two have a great chemistry in the ring. The match was intense, and again, showed why these two earned their main event matches. Alberto used his wide array of technical and submission-style wrestling ability, focusing on the arm and shoulder areas. Sheamus retaliated with his brute force, scoring with a Celtic Cross, and the Sidewinder slam. Appears Dave Finlay taught Sheamus well. Surprisingly, the match was kept mostly clean without interference from Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio nearly had the win numerous times, almost scoring the win after a Backstabber and a flying arm-breaker. Del Rio went for the armbar, but Sheamus powered out and nearly ripped his face clear off with a running knee-lift. One White-Noise driver followed by the Brough Kick, and the Celtic Warrior retained the gold. Post-match beat down, del Rio and Ricardo took out Sheamus, distraught over the loss. As Alberto finished his part, Dolph Ziggler came down to the ring, ready to cash in. However, the Mexican Aristocrat chose to argue with Ziggler, giving time for Sheamus to recover and to kick the head of Ziggler into the upper deck with a Brough Kick. The ref never rang the bell, so Ziggler still possesses the briefcase.

Primo & Epico defeated The Primetime Players

It looks like I may have spoken too soon. With Kofi and Truth at commentary, we get a tag team bout! I still have yet to be impressed by the newest pairing of Titus O’Neil and Darren Young, both NXT graduates. Not a long match, but a good one to show off two more tag teams in WWE. So, I count four teams now… The Primetime Players (O’Neil & Young), Primo & Epico, Hunico & Camacho, and the current champions of Kofi and Truth. Ok WWE, this is a good start, and you will soon have three hours of Monday Night Raw. Give these guys at least one match each week, and we will have something resembling a respectable tag team division once again.

CM Punk retains the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan

I am a little disappointed that, once again, a match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan is not the last match of the show. Especially at Money in the Bank, where a title match should be the final match, as to give the MITB match winner an opportunity to cash in before the night is over. In any event, this match, like all the others between these two, was no less than incredible. Tables, ladders, and chairs OH MY!! Words could not describe this one. Well, they can. AWESOME. INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. Give me Punk vs. Bryan every damn pay-per-view, and yes I will pay my $55 to watch ($5 extra for HD). AJ takes a hard bump early in the match, and she is walked to the back by officials. Punk and Bryan trade kicks, chops, punches, uppercuts, clothelines, baseball cards, submission hold, stock tips, and just about every other move you can think of. Bryan takes an early dominating lead with a takedown, and goes right into working over the shoulder and back to set up for the Yes-lock. Punk retaliates with a high-flying leg-lariat, and then scores with a clothesline sending the action spilling down to the arena floor. Punk then sends Bryan over the barrier and onto the time keeper. Punk takes the action back into the ring, and once again the two go tooth-and-nail. Come on people, are you not watching this? At least find it streaming someplace! This is an incredible match! TNA can suck it! Back to the action, and we get a Singapore cane to add to the mix! Did I mention this is a No-DQ match!? The cane is broken six-ways-to-Sunday and oh wait! Here she comes! AJ returns to the ring and taunts both men by bringing a chair and placing it dead center in the ring, taunting both champion and challenger. Bryan gets the chair first and just blasts Punk again and again with the chair. Bryan looks to gain the fall, but only nets a two and he pleads with AJ to get a three count. Punk then attempts a pinfall, but also only gains a two. Punk then takes the chair and proceeds to beat the almighty holy hell out of Bryan! If that is not enough, we get a table in the ring! Punk sets up the table, but Bryan is quick to intercept. Battling on the top rope, both men try to gain the edge, but soon Punk overpowers Bryan and takes him crashing down with a back suplex off the top rope! Punk covers, AJ counts, and the straight-edge superstar retains the WWE Title!

Ryback defeated Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins
Oh, look, they beat up Ryback. Ryback fought back. Ryback ate them. Feed him more.

Layla, Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn defeated Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Eve
Was not a terrible match, but still not a good one.


Sigh, either the moment I have been waiting for, or the moment we all have been dreading. Michael Cole hypes up the fact that Cena has won all his “firsts” in WWE. His first WrestleMania match, his first Last Man Standing, his first TLC, his first Royal Rumble… etc… You know what, the match was not half bad. Except, the ending. I just cannot deal with this insanity anymore. Can he lose just ONCE?! Miz, Jericho, and Kane all gave a great performance. But, Cena won. Again. The match lasted a whole 15 minutes. It was very entertaining to see Big Show pull out a special uber-ladder for him to climb up, and for a moment, we thought he would win. He clobbered everyone with the WMD punch, and then out-of-nowhere, Cena runs up, hits Big Show repeatedly with the case, miraculously breaking it free from the chain, and winning the match.

All-in-all, it was a good pay-per-view, but the last match was rushed and frankly only had a few good moments, such as Big Show getting buried under a pile of ladders. As usual, the Punk/Bryan match stole the whole damn show. The SmackDown Money in the Bank match was quite awesome as well.

The 1000th episode of Raw is coming up, which means we get three-hours of Monday night wrestling. I hope you are all excited, as I am.