Album Review: Citizen Cope “One Lovely Day”

bill bodkin gets a little blue-eyed soul…

Citizen Cope has got swagger.

Yes, it’s a term we’re throwing a lot these days. It’s the new epic, rad, awesome, dope…you get the point. However, it’s a word that perfectly captures the vibe on Cope’s new record One Lovely Day. Musically, the album is teeming with supercool acoustic pieces, funked out grooves and terrifically written lyrical content. And listening to each track you can hear the confidence and swagger behind each track as if Cope knows that this new album and these new songs are the best work he’s ever done and he’s going to prove to you why with each strum of the guitar.

One Lovely Day features Cope performing in a variety styles. At times he comes off as a more soulful Jack Johnson, jamming out in the acoustic, singing laid back acoustic anthems about the summer. Other times he wanders into a little bit of the reggae world; other times a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll. However, the wheelhouse he’s the best at is that blue-eyed soul and that type of acoustic music that you can picture being performed in black and white with a dramatic spotlight highlighting the performer.

And when he’s in this mode, Cope really shines. His raspy Southern drawl works as the ultimate instrument — conveying soul, loss, happiness — whatever the song calls for. And while there isn’t a ton of variation vocally, his voice just works. It’s smooth as velvet; inviting you to engage in his wonderfully relatable lyrics.

One Lovely Day isn’t a perfect record; but it’s still a wonderfully engaging piece of music that’s worth multiple listens. It really works as a summertime record, a couple of sweaty longnecks in a bucket, that special someone by your side and the sun going down and darkness enveloping you.

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