Single Review: “Oh Love.” by Green Day

Logan J. Fowler breaks down his thoughts on the latest Green Day single…

In 2004, Green Day released an album called American Idiot. This political powerhouse album brought the band back into the mainstream, and they followed it up with more of the same in 2007 with 21st Century Breakdown. While the themes were different, the political anthems still were there.

The band went back to the studio not too long ago and information leaked that they would be releasing not one, not two, but three albums over the course of several months, entitled Uno, Dos, Tre!, the last title being shared with that of the band’s drummer, Tre Cool. The albums will come out in September, October, and January, respectively. The first single off Uno, “Oh Love” appeared last night on the internet.

With a very simple beat and wording that doesn’t require much thought process, Billie Joe Armstrong, front man for the band, seems to be taking Green Day back to a time where the lyrics of their music wasn’t infused with such thoughts of war, destruction, and politics. In fact, the song is so basic one must wonder if the rest of the albums will have the same idea as “Oh Love.” It does remind me of a Green Day pre-American Idiot, one I will most likely welcome back with open arms. The single sounds like something that I could easily fit on the album Warning, which had a more mature sound for the band right before they decided to wage war on the big wigs in the White House.

The track is definitely catchy, and for this Green Day fan, it’s going to be a long wait till September. Let’s just hope that this fun little tune is expanded upon in better musical and lyrical nature spread across three new albums.

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