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Lost Songs: ‘Snot’ by Snot

bill bodkin picks a good one…

The mid-90s were a time when both my Pop-Break.com co-founder came into our musical own. For him it was the alt-pop-rock of the likes of Fastball and Third Eye Blind sprinkled in with the a healthy amount of Dave Matthews.

For me it was the hard and heavy world of nu-metal, speed metal, hardcore and punk rock. My radio dial never went about 89.5, which is the home 89.5 Seton Hall’s college radio station, which is one of the heaviest radio stations in the country.

One of the songs that defined my musical maturation process was the song “Snot” by the band…Snot. In 1997, they were a part of a new wave of music that was starting to sweep the nation — nu-metal. At the time it was a groove based sound that incorporated the ferocity of punk and hardcore with the hustle and flow of hip-hop. Snot, along with Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Korn, Orange 9mm and Shootyz Groove amongst others were the bright and shining stars of the movement.

The band’s eponymous song, stood out from the pack due to lead singer Lynn Strait’s 100mph guttural vocals. His voice is so intense, so captivating, it’s an absolute whirlwind that consumes you. Musically, you’re not going to find any interesting lead or rhythm guitar work here, but the bass lines are beyond thunderdome good. They perfectly complement lead singer Strait’s vocal velocity.

Tragically, Snot’s run would come to an end when Strait was killed in a car accident in 1998 along with his dog, who appeared on the band’s album cover. His death would inspire a top hard rock single “Angel’s Son” performed by Sevendust off the album Strait Up, a tribute to the late singer.

Getting back to the song, if you’re in the mood for an adrenaline-fueled song that is perfect to inspire you to work out to, run to, drive really fast to or mosh in your living room to, “Snot” by Snot is absolutely the damn best song to check out.


Bill Bodkin
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