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Album Review: ‘Sin & Bones’ by Fozzy

bill bodkin rocks with chris jericho’s band…

Fozzy could’ve easily stayed the course they were riding on nearly a decade ago. Fronted by wildly popular WWE superstar Chris Jericho, the metal band, comprised mostly of members of the Hot-lanta metal outfit Stuck Mojo, could’ve easily remained a cover band; performing their favorite 80s metal covers at venues around the world. It’s not like this formula hasn’t been successful before — look at Badfish, The Machine, Dark Star Orchestra or The Fab Faux, all tribute bands that make quite a living paying tribute to the music of others.

Luckily for metal audiences out there, the band decided to blaze their own, original trail and have produced some quality tracks. However, they’ve always been a few tracks short of creating one complete, masterful record.

Their latest effort, Sin and Bones, is the record the band has been working for for the last decade. It’s a 10 track record full of muscle riffs, scorching solos and some of lead singer Chris Jericho’s best vocals to date. The balance of Fozzy’s sound — Stuck Mojo’s thunderclap of bass groove and crunchy riffs combined with the band’s love of freewheeling screaming for vengeance metal, has finally been struck and the end result is metal nirvana.

Sin and Bones is undoubtedly one of the year’s best metal records and continues the years of excellent summertime metal releases like Black Label Society’s Order of the Black in 2010 and Anthrax’s Worship Music in 2011. It’s a must-own for metal heads that fell in love with the metals of the 80s and are looking for a sound that is rooted in that time period but has created their own, unique sound that is not only immediate but something the band can build off of and install themselves into the pantheons of heavy metal.

They aren’t huge rockstars for nothing.

Bill Bodkin
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