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Trailer Tuesday: Doctor Who Series 7

jason stives and bill bodkin hop are timelords…

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Well immediately, there is a general bias on this season because I already have the opening episode engrained in my head. If the remaining four episodes of the first half of this season are as exciting as “Asylum of the Daleks,” then we are in for a treat. Now that The Doctor is seemingly a traveling mystery again there should be a lot to his coming to a strange world which means a sense of danger and unknowing. The five episodes we will be getting all of September sound great and the fact that they are going to be epic, movie quality stories should mean nothing will be taken for granted. Even having Chris Chibnall write two stories doesn’t bother me considering he wrote one of my least favorite Matt Smith stories, the Silurian two-parter, “Hungry Earth/Cold Blood.”

A lot has to happen since the Ponds are leaving and several old enemies are returning for more (one I can tell you right now does it pretty effectively). It’s going to be tough to watch Amy and Rory leave as they have become as important to the new series as Rose was for the first two seasons. As far as the actual story ideas? “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” looks like a lot of fun and despite what seems a dopey storyline to some I look forward to seeing proper dinosaurs in Doctor Who (Sorry 1974’s “Invasion of the Dinosaurs,” you still look poor despite being an excellent story). Of course the return of the Weeping Angels means they won’t be misused at the hands of their creator and in a retro setting they are probably going to be even creepier maybe gothic. Let’s hope that the rest of the season to be broadcast in 2013 will be just as exciting as we are introduced to a new companion in actress Jenna Louise Coleman. –JS

Watch, DVR, Skip: Watching
They had me at “Dinosaurs…on a spaceship!” This trailer summarizes everything I have come to love about Doctor Who — it’s funny and whimsical yet terrifying and thrilling, chock full of laughs, possible tears and enough twists, turns and thrills to keep you glued to your chair for 60 minutes. The question of the possible death of Amelia Pond is extremely intriguing and I can’t wait to see what this show has to offer in its five episode fall run. –BB


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