Jersey Rock: End of Summer Playlist

our homegirl maria mar looks at her five songs of summer from the jersey shore…

What’s up locals? Maria Mar here. I decided I wanted to change things up for the end of the summer. There were so many new songs released this year, and I cannot even begin to express how many bands I am digging. Get your playlists people, these are my top five songs of the summer (in no particular order of course).

1) Set It Free “Don’t Stand Alone”
This is the title track off of their just released full length album. Song is super catchy, single smash. They also just released a brand new music video for this one.
Check it out:

2) Breathing Blue “Guerilla”
This single off of the boys record Inner Animal is the smash of the summer. The boys have been playing shows like crazy, and also have a new video:

3) Lost In Society “Halloween Song”.
What else can I say about this band other than I am in love? Their new full length, Let It Sail, has me hooked with each and every track. This song stands out, I am glad they chose this one for the next single. Get ready to have it stuck in your head:

4) Kid Felix “Class Action Satisfaction”.
I cannot wait for these guys just informed me they are in the studio working on some new material. This song has been out for a few months, off of their EP Head Above Water, but it still has my ears in a chokehold.

5) Toothgrinder “The Last Gypsy”.
These guys are my shredding weakness. They blow metal out of the water. They are also currently working on a new full length with Paul Richie from The Parlor Mob. Cannot wait to see them live again soon.

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