Album Review: ‘Candy Coated Fury’ by Reel Big Fish

bill bodkin has turned the radio off…

They say in life there are two things that are certain — death and taxes.

I’d like to add a third — there’s no such thing as a bad Reel Big Fish album.

Last month, the ska-tastic band, released Candy Coated Fury, an album of happy horns, suburban riddims and just all-around fun. And is there anything you’d want more from RBF? The answer quite simply is no.

It’s hard not to like Candy Coated Fury. It’s energy is so infectious, the anthemic joy that Reel Big Fish can bring to any track whether it be about partying, relationships or rocking out, is so big, so hook filled that you can’t help but tap your feet and feel the urge to skank (the dance, not the act of being sexually promiscuous). In fact, these guys could ska-out the phonebook and it would sound glorious.

And that’s what I love about this band — they make me happy. Putting on any of their records, I can just loose myself inside the bowels of their brass section. Some people might think ska is just for skinny white kids with studded belts who like to jump around like a fool to every RBF song. And frankly, I’m okay with that, sometimes we just need to take the time to loose ourselves in good music.

And thankfully for the past few decades Reel Big Fish has provided us with the soundtrack to loose ourselves to. And with their latest effort, Candy Coated Fury, the soundtrack is just a little louder, a little bit more fun — all the better to crank up and dance like no one’s watching.

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