TV Review: How I Met Your Mother, Season 8 Premiere

lauren stern reviews the legend…wait for it…dary cbs sitcom…

Plot: Ted meets an older woman at the Farhampton station and tells her the crazy events that lead up to Barney and Robin’s wedding. Ted’s story starts off with Robin and Barney both saying they can’t go through with it and then flashbacks to the news of Quinn and Barney’s engagement. During this “celebration,” Quinn asks Robin and Lily to be her bridesmaids, which causes Robin to wonder if Barney told her about their previous relationship. She asks Barney and he explains to her, Marshall, and Lily that he deleted all evidence of their relationship. Marshall and Lily are tired and delirious from being first-time parents, which causes them to accidentally reveal Robin and Barney’s previous relationship to Quinn. While this is happening, Ted finds out that Victoria didn’t leave Klaus any notice of her leave and encourages her to go back and tell him. They write him a note and try to figure out a method where Ted can give it to him without being caught by his very intimidating German sister. In the middle of sneaking into the church, Ted finds out Klaus was planning to leave Victoria too. He later meets up with him at the Farhampton station where Klaus gives a heartfelt speech as to why Victoria wasn’t the one for him.

After a kind-of surprising end to season 7, one could only expect at least some answers from the season 8 premiere of How I Met Your Mother. But instead, viewers were only left with more anticipation, as if the wait all summer for the season 8 premiere wasn’t bad enough.

It’s pretty clear that the producers are stretching these story lines so far out to keep the show on the air a lot longer. But this method is so annoying, especially for the viewers who are longing for answers. This episode only adds more questions of how things for this group are going to turn out in the future. I’m beginning to think there will be unanswered questions in the end and How I Met Your Mother will turn out like a sitcom version of LOST (minus the purgatory). We get it, the woman has a giant yellow umbrella, can we move on and find out who the hell she is already?

Despite the frustrating unanswered questions, the episode did have some great moments. Lily and Marshall’s delirious behavior was adorable and hilarious. Seeing their very aquatic perspective when anyone had tried to talk to them were some of the best scenes. Marshall and Lily were definitely the comedic relief in this episode and without them it would have been dry and boring. But isn’t that the case for most of the previous episodes of How I Met Your Mother? I digress…

Another highlight for me was Klaus’ explanation to Ted as to why Victoria wasn’t the one for him. It was one of those heart-wrenching moments that make you want to cry even though the German jargon made you laugh instead. I like how they coupled it with Robin finding Barney’s box of evidence and realizing her true feelings towards him. Both scenes were really sweet and it was nice to see the signs of the different stories moving along. Let’s just hope it’s at a faster pace from here.

This episode wasn’t the greatest or the funniest I’ve seen of the series, but I did enjoy it. I’m hoping to see more from the rest of the season and hopefully get some of my questions answered. I’m DYING to see how everything comes together.



  1. I love this show so much! This was a great episode! I watched it with some of my DISH coworkers and we’re all super happy Quinn is finally gone! Also, Barney’s 52-second recap of Robin’s entire storyline was brilliant!. I recorded everything on the four major networks using PrimeTime Anytime last night, through my DISH Hopper, so I no longer have to worry about DVR timer conflicts or a show getting skipped. Can’t wait for next week!