Pop-Preview: Lebowski Fest Asbury Park

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On Saturday September 29 it’s time to abide.

The phenomenon known as Lebowski Fest, a celebration of one of the greatest cult films of all-time, The Big Lebowski will become to the famed Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, N.J.

The festival, which began as a small gathering of the film’s fans in Kentucky, has become a nationwide cultural event complete with cast appearances, costume contests, film screenings, live music and of course The Dude’s favorite past time, bowling.

Pop-Break recently caught up with Lebowski Fest founder Scott Shuffit who gave us the low down of what to expect for this Saturday’s event.

Pop-Break: Are there any Lebowski alumni who will be showing up to the Asbury show?

Scott Shuffit: Not that I know of but you never know who might show up. Just in case our “Dude in Residence” Tom Esterline will be there taken’er easy for all the sinners.

PB: When we’ve spoken in the past, you’ve mentioned before that you’ve always wanted to do a Fest in Asbury — can you talk about why this is.

SS: Its all about Asbury Lanes. I think those guys probably sent us an email several years ago introducing us to their center and wanting to host an event. It has taken us this long and I am very excited about it. The Asbury Lanes kind of seems like the perfect place for Lebowski Fest.

Founding Dude Scott Shuffitt and Dude Tom Esterline

PB: What can a Lebowski Fest rookie expect this Saturday?

SS: A lot of cussing, its great to see all the characters interacting with each other in character and not, you know Walters confronting Jesus’ and so on. Fabulous stuff man!

PB: What’s been the most creative costume that you’ve seen from all of the 2012 LebowskiFests?

SS: This is always a tough question, I think the “Pink Ladies” was the Best Group in Louisville this past summer. It was a group of dudes, ah men that is, dressed as the ladies in pink. In one of the bowling scenes you can see a team of ladies in pink as background actors. Those guys were awesome.

PB: Who is that one cast member that has not attended a Fest that you’d like to get to appear in a future LebowskiFest?

SS: We’ve been talking with a lot of folks, John Goodman, John Turturro, T-Bone even John Fogerty, of course getting Flea to a fest would blow my mind.

For tickets to Lebowski Fest, and we recommend you do this as soon as possible, click here.

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