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31 Days of Horror: Hatchet II

ann hale gets freaky with danielle harris…

We are three days in and so far, so good. Today is hot, which is annoying for a fall day but this southern heat has inspired me to watch a film based here in the South.

Perhaps you have heard of Adam Green. His television show, Holliston, is a hit on FEARnet. If you haven’t seen it, perhaps you have seen Frozen, the thriller about three college students who get stuck on a ski lift for a weekend with hungry wolves below.

If you haven’t seen any of those, maybe you have seen his hit slasher film about Victor Crowley, the mutant swamp dwelling psycho killer. Yes folks, I’m talking about Hatchet.

Now, because I’m partial to Halloween 4 & 5 star, Danielle Harris, today I’m watching Hatchet II. Danielle took over the role of Marybeth in the sequel, likely to give the film another big name to put alongside Tony Todd and Kane Hodder.

In Hatchet, Marybeth joins an illegal tour group in the swamps of New Orleans to find her father and brother who have gone missing hunting alligators in a restricted part of the swamp. The boat hits a tree in the water and the group gets stranded in the swamp to find their own way out. Taking the legend of Victor Crowley as myth, they approach his cabin in order to use the telephone but find that he is very much real and out for blood.

In Hatchet II, being the sole survivor, Marybeth gathers together a group of big tough rednecks to head into the woods with her to kill Victor Crowley and avenge her father and brothers deaths. What none of them knew was that it would take a whole lot more than a couple of shotguns to kill Crowley.

If you’re sensitive to blood and gore, this is definitely not the film for you. However, if you enjoy beheadings, belt sanders and spurting blood, I suggest you run out and buy this film immediately.


Ann Hale
Ann Hale
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