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Pop-Preview & Review: Almost There at The Saint

the news desk is at it again…

Almost There, the three piece rock ‘n’ roll outfit out of the Jersey Shore, will be performing at the legendary Saint in Asbury Park, tonight, October 5th.

And you might be wondering…and so what? Plenty of bands play The Saint, right?

Well, not every band is Almost There. The trio of Zach Sicherman, Ed Soles and Mike Seahawk (best name ever) is probably one of the most ready made for the mainstream bands in the scene today and we mean this in the best possible way.

Having seen them perform live, you can see that these three are not only supremely talented musicians, but they have the panache and stage presence that seasoned, touring bands have. They know when to be silly, when to be serious, how to grab your attention and how to rock your soul to its very core. Their combination of original tunes and extremely fun and interesting interpretations theme songs ranging from Super Mario Brothers to the 007 Theme make for one hell of a live experience. Oh these guys opened for The Wu Tang Clan and 311, so they know a thing or two about playing live.

But these guys aren’t just about the goofy yet well-done covers. No way, these guys are a rock ‘n’ roll machine. The solos are blistering, the basslines groovy and the backbeat is super tight. And this is evidenced beautifully on their full length record Abandon the Sinking Ship.

If I blindfolded you and played this album for you, you’d more than likely wonder which label was releasing this record. It’s not only that well-produced, but the songs are that tight, that mature. This isn’t some band hacking it out from their basement, this is pure rock fury. Think of Jimmy Eat World’s lyrics put to the sound of The Foo Fighters.

So this Friday come out to one of Asbury’s most famous music venues and witness a truly terrific band, that if things keep going the way they are for them, it’ll be one of the last times we see them in such an intimate venue.

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