Interview: Sunday Lane

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Sunday Lane is breaking through the music barrier and doing so in style. She is far from being your average indie pop artist and that’s what makes her music style so intriguing. As a classically trained pianist, she adds hints of soulful folk to classic piano riffs in a unique combination. Her stunning voice complements the mixture with a trace of Nora Jones and Sara Bareilles.

She writes from the heart about life, love and social injustices in a folk type setting. Her charming approach along with expressive lyrics brings forth an enigmatic experience. Songs like “A Little Too Young” and “Let Me Go” are fun and relatable; a perfect combination for a radio hit. Several of Sunday Lane’s songs were featured on the hit TV show One Tree Hill, which led to an increase in popularity.

I was able to get the inside scoop about growing up in a musically talented family to what’s coming up in the future. Check out Pop-Break’s interview with Sunday Lane…

Pop-Break: First off, I’m always interested to know how you became involved with music.

Sunday Lane: I was kind of born into it. My mom is a wonderful soprano singer, and her favorite movie just so happens to be The Sound of Music. By age 4, I was standing around the upright piano in our living room harmonizing to “My Favorite Things” along with my four siblings. We were essentially the modern day Von Trapp’s. At age five she enrolled me in classical piano lessons, which I hated. I begged my mom to let me quit and I’m so thankful she didn’t let me! I started writing songs at fifteen and I’ve been in love with music ever since.

PB: What inspired you to write such soulful lyrics that focus on important issues such as social injustices as well as life and love?

SL: I wrote “Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands” because my friend asked me to play at an event dealing with social injustice. She told me that she wanted all the songs to focus on social injustice and suggested I picked some cover songs that would work. I don’t really like doing covers and felt a bit convicted that I didn’t have any songs that dealt with this theme so I wrote “Heavy Heart” in the backseat of a friend’s car. To this day it’s the quickest I’ve ever written a song; I think it took me a total of four minutes to finish. The love songs I write are usually just a way for me to process whatever relationship or breakup that I’m going through. I rarely sit down with the intention to write, lyrics and melodies just pop in my head and I can’t relax until I get them out.

PB: You have a beautiful singing voice. Did you have any vocal training as well as being a classically trained pianist?

SL: Thank you! I didn’t take vocal lessons until this summer and I only did so to protect my voice since I’ve been singing so much lately.

PB: Do you play any other instruments besides piano?

SL: I’m learning guitar!

PB: It seems like your music is catching on like wildfire. How exciting is it to have two songs featured on a hit TV show like One Tree Hill?

SL: I was really excited to have songs on that show, especially since it’s kind of known for its music selection. It has definitely helped my fan base grow a ton and I definitely feel really thankful for the exposure.

PB: How did it feel to be able to play at the Coachella Music Festival last year?

SL: The opportunity was presented to me by Musicians Institute. They have a side stage at Coachella each year and invite a couple students to play. A lot of extremely talented students go to MI, so I felt honored they chose me.

PB: Do you have any hobbies besides music?

SL: I really enjoy bike riding, hiking, skiing, and reading. Oh, and watching Breaking Bad and Dexter 🙂

PB: Do you have any plans to tour in the near future?

SL: I’m currently on a nation wide college tour with the band I’m in, Thick as Thieves. When I’m not touring with them, I’ll be playing shows in LA where I currently live and Oklahoma where I’m from.

PB: You have an EP and a full-length album currently available. Are there any set plans for new music in the future?

SL: I’m constantly writing and already have enough content for another album, but it’s definitely not something I want to rush in to. I’d really like this next album to be more folky and guitar driven.

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