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Pop-Preview: Mourning on Charlotte Street

the news desk looks at a new, interactive theatrical performance in asbury park, nj

Asbury Park, New Jersey is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the cultural hotbeds of the Northeast. However, it’s mostly known for its musical scene — producing iconic names that we don’t even really need to list.

This weekend, the theatrical side of the city by the scene comes alive with a truly unique experience — Mourning on Charlotte Street.

The theatrical experience of Mourning on Charlotte Street will be a live script reading — however this isn’t just some sort of actor’s workshop. No, this will be a fully theatrical experience with over 20 actors completely in character, sets, lighting, sound.

Today, Friday October 12, the 5th Avenue Pavilion, located on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, will be open for people to experience a walk through of some of the original items and news articles as well as pictures of the real life characters displayed.

The reading is based off of the film, produced in 2010 and directed by Frank M. Calo, and starring local Asburyian and veteran actor Joe Sernio. The film is based on the true account of a 1954 murder of a teenage boy in the Bronx, New York and has been decorated with numerous awards from film festivals around the Northeast including the Garden State Film Festival.

Here is the official synopsis of the film and event:

Award winning actor Joe Sernio brings Mourning on Charlotte Street back to Asbury Park NJ with a Live Interactive Script Reading.Let us take you back to 1954 with a live interactive script reading of the award winning film Mourning on Charlotte Street. Listen as Lorenzo and his brother Nicky, along with the neighborhood of Charlotte Street, tell you about their lives and what took place in the Bronx during a tragic day in 1954 as they interact with the audience. The true powerful tale that captured the heart of a city comes to Asbury Park.

To see the show you can register for tickets online, here are the specific dates for you to check out…

Saturday, October 13
Sunday, October 14

Reminder: Doors open Friday October 12, 2012 with a walk through of some of the original items and news articles as well as pictures of the real life characters displayed. Show dates are Saturday October 13 at 7PM and Sunday October 14 2012 at 2PM.

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