31 Days of Horror: Friday the 13th Part 2

ann hale returns to camp crystal lake…

It’s Saturday the 13th, and though it may not be that day that Jason rises from his grave to kill horny teenagers, its close enough. Today’s film is obviously from that fun series based at Camp Crystal Lake, the only summer camp covered in more blood than Sleepaway Camp’s Camp Arawak. I am speaking, of course, of Friday the 13th. As the first film in the series focuses on Pamela Voorhees getting revenge for the death of her son, I thought that tonight I would watch Jason get his revenge. So, without further ado, tonight’s film is Friday the 13th Part 2.

Five years after the death of Mrs. Voorhees and the massacre at Camp Crystal Lake, the camp next door is opening for the summer. A group of counselors have arrived for their training before the camp fills with kids. Unbeknownst to them, Jason never drowned in that lake 30 years before and he witnessed Alice murder his mother. With Alice now dead and his revenge taken, Jason is living in an old Crystal Lake shack and doesn’t want to be disturbed. When a couple of counselors decide to break the rules and trespass on Crystal Lake soil, Jason is angered and decides to give all of the teens at the camp the punishment of death.

Besides the original, Part 2 is my favorite in the series. It’s not only the introduction to the murderous Jason Voorhees, but it also introduces us to just how cold and inhuman he really is. He doesn’t care who he kills or how, as long as his thirst for blood is satiated.

Personally, I think Jason is a little gay. What kind of guy seeks out the hot chicks to kill first anyway? There isn’t so much as a grope. And he kills every guy that tries to or succeeds in getting laid. Come on man, you need to be killing the ugly chicks and helping a guy get laid.

Jason isn’t so much scary as he’s just a dick. However, gay mama’s boy or not, the dude is brutal. The guy not only kills a defenseless guy in a wheelchair, but then pushes him down a flight of stairs. If that’s not brutal, then nothing is.

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