31 Days of Horror: Psycho

ann hale is not a fan of taking a shower…

If there is anything missing from the marathon thus far, it’s Hitchcock. While he made some fantastic films such as The Birds and Vertigo, my heart will always belong to one Hitchcock film in particular, namely Psycho.

Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) splits town after stealing $40,000 from her boss. She buys a new car to help keep herself hidden and, because of a heavy rainstorm, is forced to stop at a motel off the highway. This motel, The Bates Motel, is run by Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) and his bedridden mother.

Being the only guest of the motel, Marion is given the room next to the office. Norman has a little peephole in his office wall where he can watch Marion in her room. Now, his mother is obviously upset by his attraction to Marion and while Marion was showering, his mother bursts into the bathroom and stabs her to death. Freaked out by his mother’s actions, Norman must now dump the body and clean up his mother’s mess.

Marion’s sister, Lila, and her boyfriend Sam hire a private detective named Arbogast to find out where she has gone to. His trail leads him to The Bates Motel where Norman seems very nervous. Upon sneaking into the Bates’ home, Arbogast is attacked and killed by Mrs. Bates.

Once again, poor Norman is left to clean up the mess.

Lila and Sam, who have grown impatient, head up to The Bates Motel to find both Arbogast and Marion. What they find is crazier than they could have imagined.

What makes Norman Bates so scary is that he seems like such a normal guy. He is the type of man you would feel comfortable living next to or even trusting your children with. While

Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees hide behind their masks, Norman Bates simply hides behind his own face…and that’s the scariest mask of them all.

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