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TV Review: The League

lauren stern looks at the fantasy football-fueled series…

Season 4 of FX’s The League premiered recently and with the start of a new season came some pretty interesting plot twists! In this episode, we not only welcome Kevin and Jenny’s baby boy into the world, but we find out all of the crazy moments prior to the first pick reveal of the League’s upcoming draft.

In terms of the draft, this year is a fresh new start for the gang. Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) is no longer commissioner, which only really puts a hold on Sacco punishments for Ruxin (Nick Kroll), who was appointed the new commissioner and MacArthur baby namer last season. We find out this episode this is a huge threat to Jenny (Kate Aselton), Kevin’s wife who believes this will help Ruxin ruin their team. In the end, the team wasn’t really part of Ruxin’s scheme, but we’ll get to that a little later.

However, in this episode, we find out Kevin has a bigger problem outside of the draft. In the beginning of the episode, Jenny is very much pregnant, and is frustrated with Kevin for not wanting to have sex with her. Kevin’s reasoning is that he doesn’t want his penis near the baby, which if you really think about it, isn’t unjustifiable. But it strains their relationship, which causes Jenny to fantasize, which leads the birth. So in the end, Kevin’s decision was a pretty good one, I’d say.

Other than Kevin and Jenny, The League’s other members, Pete (Mark Duplass), Andre (Paul Scheer) and Taco (Jon Lajoie) are up to some crazy shenanigans which mostly revolve around which member gets the first pick of the draft. Taco reveals that he created a new cowboy singing service, named “The Dallas Cowboys” and buys the URL to fuel his business. This causes Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys Football Team to call. He invites Taco to meet with him at training and to bring his friends to see the Dallas Cowboys in action. The gang (minus Jenny) venture out to the training camp and hilarity ensues. Not only does Jones offer Taco a 250,000 deal to sell the site back to the Dallas Cowboys Football Team but the gang fights for the first pick title on the field. By stripping naked, Taco not only wins the first pick of the draft but gets the gang kicked out of the property. They return and rush Jenny to the hospital after her water breaks from fantasizing about Shiva, the woman on top of the League’s championship trophy.

In the hosptial, everything comes to a head. The draft begins right in the delivery room, where we find out Ruxin’s big scheme, which revolves around Taco’s first pick: a trade for the first pick along with the naming rights for the baby. As he absorbs alcohol through an IV, Taco reveals the most brilliant baby name of all time: Chalupa Batman MacArthur.

With the new draft in tow and a new member of the group, this is going to be quite an interesting season for The League. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out with Ruxin as the commissioner and how Kevin and Jenny will be able to balance the baby and the draft. This episode was a good start to season 4 and I’m excited to see what crazy shenanigans the gang comes up with!


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