31 Days of Horror: Final Destination 2

ann hale gets on board for the second time…

Have you ever wondered why you’re afraid of certain things? Maybe you have an irrational fear of crabs or spiders or clowns. Alright, that’s me but come on, they are scary.

I cannot possibly be the only person who gets nervous when driving behind a big log truck. All it takes is for a cord to snap or a little human failure and boom, logs come tumbling out. Perhaps I now have you thinking that I may be a little neurotic. Though not entirely a false observation, tonight’s film, Final Destination 2, might help you to see things my way.

One year after the Flight 180 explosion, Kimberly (A.J. Cook) has a premonition about a horrible pileup on the highway while heading to Daytona Beach for Spring Break with her friends. The logs on the back of a truck come loose and cause the deaths of herself and her friends, a cop, a lottery winner, a woman and her son, a stoner, a pregnant woman, a teacher and a businesswoman. When she snaps out of her premonition, she refuses to move her car, holding up a line of cars from entering the highway. The cop, who is in this line, asks Kimberly to get out of the car to be questioned. During this time, the accident really occurs and her friends die but everyone else in her promotion lives as they were blocked by Kimberly from ever entering the highway to begin with.

One by one, each person from the premonition dies violently as death seeks them out. Kimberly enlists the help of Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), the sole survivor of Flight 180 and the strange happenings afterwards, in order to cheat death the way she did. Clear helps the remaining survivors to look for patterns and signs to help them see when death is coming for each of them. The question is, can you ever really escape death?

So, I’m that person that isn’t easily frightened by movies but I overthink quite a bit especially about things that can actually happen. Thanks to the Final Destination series, I am made nervous by planes, log trucks, and rollercoasters. Am I never going to ride a plane again? Of course. I may, however, get a little nervous during take-off. If I am behind a log truck or a truck carrying cars, I will most definitely move to another lane. Rollercoasters…well…they are directly affected by my fear of heights so I wouldn’t have touched them anyway. Go ahead and laugh but before you sit there making fun of me, watch the series and tell me if your outlook doesn’t change just a bit.

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