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31 Days of Horror: Shaun of the Dead

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I have officially gone over a week without a zombie film. This is just unacceptable. As I have been filling my head with intense gore, brutality and death, my thoughts are starting to get a little on the insane side. So, in order to lighten things up a bit and stick to my horror theme, I have decided that tonight’s film will be Shaun of the Dead.

Shaun (Simon Pegg) is your average underachiever. He works at a mediocre job, lives with his screw up of a friend, Ed (Nick Frost) and is on the outs with his girlfriend Liz. He frequents the same bar, The Winchester, and would rather play video games with Ed than visit his mother.

One morning, Shaun wakes to find that people are acting strangely. He, with Ed in tow, goes to rescue Liz and his mother from the zombie plague that is obviously affecting the town. They end up with two of Liz’s friends joining the group and seek shelter at the Winchester. Here, they must fight off the zombie hoard trying to break in and kill them all.

Though the entire film is fantastic, my favorite part is the scene where Shaun and Ed find zombies in their back yard. They throw everything they can find in the kitchen, including a toaster, at them but are unsuccessful at destroying their brains. While in search for more things to throw Ed finds a record lying on the ground and throws it at the zombies. When it connects, they go into the house and come out with an entire box of records. They then go through them, choosing which ones to throw at them and which to keep. They are so unscathed by the danger approaching them that they take the time to pick and choose which records are worth destroying.

Shaun of the Dead made me fall in love with Pegg and Frost. Individually they are hilarious but together they are one fantastic comedic team. In a time when movie spoofs were becoming abundant and overdone, Shaun of the Dead managed to come in spoofing zombie films, namely Dawn of the Dead, and pulled it off. They even found a new way to make fart jokes without the actual fart noise and come on, who doesn’t enjoy a good fart joke? Communists, that’s who. You don’t want to be a communist. So watch this movie.

Ann Hale
Ann Hale
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