Pop-Press: Eric Live on the Air Joins Pop-Break

pop-break announces a brand new column…

Editor’s Note: Pop-Break is proud to announce a brand new partnership…

Hey Pop-Break fans,

My name is Eric Haftel, but you will get to know me better as “Eric Live On The Air.” I have been around the entertainment industry doing interviews and setting up acoustics with some of the biggest names out there for the past 4-5 years. I have my own show on youtube also named Eric Live On The Air, as well as my own website.

On Pop-Break I am going to be bringing you interviews with both people you already know and some you will get to know. I love hearing from fans and always encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube and send me some messages with your comments. I also want to know who you want me to interview.

To give you an idea of who I am and what I bring to the table, here are three videos I did at this past years Warped Tour.

The first is with some friends of mine that I am sure need know no introduction, All Time Low.

The second is with the very talented guys from Pierce The Veil.

The third video is a game of Would You Rather?, that I played with numerous bands on Warped including; Breathe Carolina, Mayday Parade & We Are The In Crowd.

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