TV Feature: Adventure Time

lauren stern goes on an adventure…

When I was a kid, everyday when I came home from school, I would watch episodes of Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, Bugs Bunny and The Flintstones on Cartoon Network with my brother. I remember this daily routine very well, not only because was it entertaining to watch these legendary cartoons but it was one of the few times there was peace between me and my brother.

A few years later, Cartoon Network decided to stop replaying episodes of these shows during the day. This was really sad news for me but at the same time, I was a lot older and more invested in MTV programs like Daria, The Real World, and True Life. Since the switch, I kind of ignored Cartoon Network for the most part. It wasn’t until some good friends introduced me to Adventure Time when I started paying attention to the channel’s programming again.

I first heard of Adventure Time when I joined Rutgers University’s radio station 90.3 the Core. A lot of my fellow DJs wouldn’t stop raving about the cartoon and after hearing their comments, I knew I had to check it out. At this time, there were no new episodes of the show, so it was the perfect time to watch all of the season online. After seeing the first ever episode of the show, I was hooked and I’ve been watching ever since.

The best thing about Adventure Time is that it’s one of those shows that really make you look at some of the harsh realities of the world(without being too graphic) and make light of it. For example, the main characters, Finn and Jake live in “The Land of Ooo,” a magical continent in a post-apocolyptic universe that was created after a nuclear war. Obviously, a show about life after a nuclear war is not for kids, but the creators made it so Ooo’s history is never directly revealed. Instead, anything related to the nuclear war (deemed “The Great Mushroom War”) is only subtly pointed out in certain flashback scenes. Any adult would notice this or any of the other more mature references, but kids are too mesmerized by the magic and the adventure aspect of the show that they fail to notice some of the context.

Another great thing about Adventure Time is that the characters are so relatable. Each character has their own human-like qualities and characteristics. It’s inevitable that there’s at least one character that’s reminiscent to your own life and one that has a similar personality to someone you know. For me, I connected most with Maraeline, the Vampire Queen mostly because I love music but also because I can be a little emotional and feisty sometimes. However, there are a ton of people in my life who are adventurous like Finn, loyal like Jake, and independent like Princess Bubblegum. I even know people who are as creepy as the Ice King or as bratty as Lumpy Space Princess (but I won’t name any names).

Adventure Time may seem like a children’s show on the outside, but it’s really a good show for adults too. Like any children’s show, teachers some hard lessons but also can bring out the adventurous spirit that everyone has inside of them. If you’re looking for a fun show that will truly warm your heart check out the new episodes of Adventure Time Mondays at 7:30/6:30 c on Cartoon Network!