Album Review: ‘Monte Carlo’ by Daniel Stampfel

Erica Batchelor is waking up in Monte Carlo…

Taking a major turn since The Inevitable Breakups (indie/powerpop/rock), Daniel Stampfel has begun to explore the exciting world of pop music. Band-less with no set direction for the future, he was able to let the music come naturally leading to his latest project under the name, At The Moment. The moniker seems fitting considering the approach Daniel has taken in surprising the world with joyous, fun-filled pop music for easy listening.

His release of a three song EP titled Monte Carlo can seem risky to potential listeners as his first debut. I admit, I was skeptical about the EP since there are only three songs, however; I was pleased with the direction the songs took. It starts out as an honest, light-hearted ballad (“Still Love You”) seamlessly leading into the wonders of what went wrong in a relationship (“Make You Mad”) to finally coming full circle in wanting what you already had (“Want You Back”). This album has a fun, romantic manner that is definitely attention worthy and most importantly; relatable.

Daniel’s voice is simply radiant and shines through in every song. The Monte Carlo EP was produced by Steve Schiltz of Hurricane Bells and he does a great job focusing on a consistent theme throughout. This EP categorizes Daniel Stampfel’s new music endeavors and shows us what to expect from him in the future. I am anxiously awaiting his next release.

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