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Video Game Review: The Walking Dead, Ep. 5

luke kalamar walks the dead on his video game console one last time…

Plot: Time is running out for Lee Everett. His bite is slowly turning him into a walker, and he must rescue Clementine from an unknown enemy before it’s too late.

The Season Finale of The Walking Dead Game is finally upon us. Over the course of the past several months, players have been able to weave their own story through the eyes of Lee. Everything, from his actions to even his personality, is chosen by the player. It’s truly a player-created story at its finest. The first four episodes have received critical acclaim, so naturally Telltale Games wanted “No Time Left” to end the season with a bang. They accomplish this in more ways than one.

The real winner throughout this season and in “No Time Left” especially is the emotional reaction the story brings out of the player. I already mentioned in my previous review for Episode Four “Around Every Corner” that The Walking Dead Game focuses more on character development than action typically found in other zombie titles. This allows the player to connect with the characters on a deeper level, and also shines some truth on what a zombie apocalypse would really be like. “No Time Left” packs the biggest emotional punch of them all as it brings a conclusion to the adventure of Lee and Clementine. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that the ending is definitely a tear jerker. The writers at Telltale Games deserve recognition for being able to craft such an emotional ride that keeps the player hooked, regardless of all happiness being sucked out of you.

“No Time Left” did have its fair share of action though, and it works perfectly considering the situation Lee is in. Obviously being bitten is a death sentence in this type of world. With that in mind, you can expect Lee to be less inhibited about his decisions and not afraid to look death in the eye while cutting its head in half with a meat cleaver. He literally runs into the danger. It’s a significant change from his previous actions of killing and running, and a true sign of a man knowing he’s not long for the world.

I also thoroughly enjoyed how every single major decision is brought back in this episode in a major way. Past choices are discussed amongst characters, such as if Lee did or did not support Kenny’s actions in Episode Two “Starved for Help,” and true resolution is found. Major questions are finally answered as well. We meet the man behind the walkie-talkie, learn the truth about Clementine’s parents, and even find out who owned the car Lee’s group stole supplies from back in “Starved for Help.” There are no loose ends, with even the smallest events or decisions reaching individual conclusions.

Better yet, I experienced very little technological hiccups this time around. Bugs have persisted throughout the series, some even completely erasing saved games which is a fate I fell victim to twice and had to completely start the game from scratch. The game wasn’t perfect though, and there was still a moment here and there where the game slowed down or there was a noticeable error. This didn’t take away from the experience at all however, and I’d almost completely forget the hiccup ever happened.

I’m already eager to get started on Season Two, but I know that is pretty far off. There is a nice cliffhanger following the credits and I really hope the story continues immediately from this point. This entire season as a whole has been amazing, and I definitely expect The Walking Dead Game to get nominated for several awards. I’d even consider it a Game of the Year contender. If you didn’t start this series back in April, and retail release with all five episodes is coming out on December 4th for even cheaper than a regular game. This is an interactive drama that you do not want to miss and one that I cannot recommend highly enough for both Walking Dead fans and gamers who love a good story.

Rating: 9.8/10

Entire Season: 9.5/10

To download The Walking Dead Video Game episodes, head over to TellTale’s official store to download for your X-Box, PS3, or PC.


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