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Pretty Little Liars: 5 Reasons To Watch

kelly duncan debuts with a look at why you should watch the hit ABC Family series…


On Tuesday January 8th, on ABC Family, the third season of the hit drama, Pretty Little Liars will debut. For those who be unfamiliar with the series we looked to one of our own, Kelly Duncan, a fan of the show, to give us five reasons why we should be tuning in.

Never-ending mystery: The premise of Pretty Little Liars is pretty basic. Four teenage girls are being harassed/threatened via text message by someone known only as “A.” So far, we’ve learned that “A” is not just one but multiple people. The girls have discovered the identity of one member of the “A-Team” and the audience has discovered a second. How many are there and what are their reasons for torturing our favorite little liars? I won’t be able to stop watching until I know, and neither will you.


Action-Packed Creepiness: Most people probably don’t realize how suspenseful and creepy this show truly is. I’m not ashamed to admit that more than once I’ve actually been freaked out while watching. A few scenes worth mentioning are an attempted murder in a bell-tower, grave digging, and a stalker in a psych ward painting porcelain dolls. Trust me, that last one was rather un-nerving.

The Fashion: It’s nothing new for television, particularly of the soapy teen variety, to showcase fashion. However, it is rare for the clothes to be affordable and possibly be worn in a normal person’s every-day life. Emily (Lucy Hale) manages to make sweats, jeans and tees seem fashion forward. Aria is always wearing something funky, with a hint of weird. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is the poster child for all things preppy. And Hannah (Ashley Benson)is a true fashionista. If you’re ever in need of clothing inspiration, this show will do the job.


The Characters Won’t Frustrate You:I don’t know about you, but more often than not, when I watch television, I find myself frustrated by characters who find themselves in sticky situations, destroying relationships that can easily be saved if they would just open their mouths and explain themselves. There’s typically no reason for being so tight-lipped other than the fact that writers need to keep the story moving. With, PLL, there is a constant threat looming making their choice to stay quiet understandable. The few times they ignored A’s demands there were murder attempts and arrests. I’d keep quiet, too.

Eye Candy: I know it sounds a little strange to refer to the cast of a teen drama as eye candy, but don’t fret the entire cast is in their 20s making it totally ok to ogle them. With so many attractive men and women representing so many different types of people, you’re bound to find someone appealing.


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