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TV Recap: Pretty Little Liars, “Mona-Mania”

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This week’s Pretty Little Liars, has raised more questions than I thought possible in any single episode. We begin with Byron apologizing for falsely accusing Aria of blowing up a tool shed at school that nearly killed Meredith. That’s the sort of thing any good father would do, right? For Aria, it’s too little, too late… especially when she discovers he’s been snooping through her room and has stolen the pages from Ali’s diary that would pretty much point the finger at him for Ali’s murder.

Aria overhears a fight between Meredith and Byron that causes Meredith to run out of the house, and Aria immediately follows her to a coffee shop where she learns more bad news about her father. With both girls questioning Byron’s role in Ali’s disappearance they seem to have formed a new bond. Byron is out of the house and Meredith stays to take care of Aria who has been complaining an awful lot about a queasy stomach. Is Meredith truly a friend or a foe? And is Aria seriously stressed out by the return of A and possibility that her father had murdered her best-friend, totally plausible, or can we expect a new bundle of problems for her in say, nine months?

Last week, it seemed strange to me that a random character we’d never seen before had fallen victim to an unknown member of the A-Team, when his bike had been tampered with causing a pretty serious crash. This week we realize it was Mona who had this boy we now know as Brad taken down so that she could take his spot running against Spencer for the position of Captain of the Academic Decathlon. Somehow, Mona wins the spot and Spencer is none too pleased. I can’t say that I blame her. And I can’t help, but wonder what the motivation behind this move is.


Emily and Paige decide to spend the night out by going to a swim team party. We learn that the reason the girls haven’t spent much time together isn’t that Paige has all of the same restrictions as Emily, but that she’s too scared to leave her house with, A lurking around. Instead of going to the party as planned, they take a romantic stroll through the woods. When they get back to Paige’s car they discover her tire has been slashed. Paige is freaked out, reasonably so, but when Emily hears a rustling in the bushes, she gives chase. Not wanting to be alone, Paige follows. Emily is just steps away from finding the slasher, who turns out to be none other than Toby. I know it’s coming, and I can’t wait for him to finally be caught.

Meanwhile, Hanna is bugged by Lucas’ part in everything that has happened and won’t stop bugging him for answers. For the first time, she visits him at his house and demands to know why he was willing to do Mona’s dirty work for so long and what she has him doing for her now. He divulges that Mona’s been blackmailing him into acting as her middle-man. He had been selling test answers and she would blab if he ever said no to her. He tried to get out of it, but she kept pulling him back in, so now he is being home-schooled in hopes that she will back off. The question is now whether or not he is being truthful with Hanna or setting her up for another attack. He seems genuinely concerned for Hanna’s safety, but as we now know, no one in this town can be completely trusted.

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