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TV Recap: Pretty Little Liars, “Misery Loves Company”

kelly duncan loves company…


Less than 5 minutes in and we’re slapped with our first surprise of the episode. As Toby and Mona are plotting their next step in taking down the Liars, Mona says, “She’s calling the shots,” referring to their leader. Call me stupid, but this whole time I actually believed Mona was in charge.

Even more naïve of me, I believed Meredith was on Aria’s side up until we see her snooping through Aria’s house while she is passed out, thanks to the drugs Meredith has been putting in Aria’s tea. Meredith’s stolen her phone and infiltrated her house. Luckily no one has been able to get ahold of Aria, so when Emily and Hanna find Meredith at the local drug store freaking out on the pharmacist for not being able to get her more sleeping pills, they put two and two together and head to Aria’s house looking for her. Little do they know Meredith has just confronted Aria about Ali’s diary pages, knocked her out and thrown her in the basement.

Has Meredith been in charge all this time or does she have her own agenda? Meredith leads Hanna and Emily into the basement to supposedly look for Aria and then locks them in as well. Byron comes home to find Meredith in his living room where she divulges that Aria is in the basement and that she has proof that Byron met with Ali the night she disappeared. He comes clean with the girls explaining that while he did meet with Ali, it was only to tell her that he was going to confess to his affair and she could no longer blackmail him. When he left her she was alive and Spencer’s sister, Melissa, was coming out of her house and arguing with someone on the phone.

Elsewhere, Spencer is planning a romantic dinner for two in Toby’s apartment to celebrate their anniversary. Unfortunately for Toby, he hasn’t been very good about hiding his visitor’s pass to Radley, the hospital that Mona had been locked up in. Toby knows that Spencer has one of A’s keys and he needs it back. So when he comes looking, Spencer is ready with both visitor pass and key in hand. The look of shock on his face when he is busted is priceless. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

On the non-crazy side of things, Caleb and Paige are meeting up in a coffee shop to discuss how they should be dealing with, A, and how they can possibly put a stop to things altogether. They seem like they are both sincerely concerned, but if we know anything about this show, it’s that nothing is as it seems.

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