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EP Review: Datsik, ‘Cold Blooded’

joe zorzi is stone cold…


Datsik is at it again with his newest release, Cold Blooded. This EP is just non stop dubstep bangers with some great features by fellow EDM stars and rappers alike. By the end of the EP my head felt like it was going to explode in the best way possible.


When I spoke with Datsik last March I could tell this was a kid who was truly passionate about the music he makes, which is why I was really excited to give Cold Blooded a listen. It shows throughout the EP that he’s making songs that are fun and true to himself and that he’s really doing something interesting.

What really makes Datsik stand out in this EDM world is you can always hear how old school hip hop has an influence on his sound. Throwing that into the mix really gives his songs a feel of their own. It helps that he collaborated with some great rappers on the EP including Messinian and Young Sin. I’d love to see more dubstep artists working rappers, because… well, because it just sounds badass.

Each track has a sound of its own, so it’s easy to stay engaged. I particularly love the use of the violin sample in “Juicebox” and as I said before, the rap cameos. If I had to pick a favorite track, It’d have to be “Vindicate” which Datsik created with his longtime collaborator, Excision. It’s the heaviest track on the album, which is probably why I love it so much. Every time I hear it i just want to jump into a moshpit you feel me?!

This is a great release and I hope it gains a lot of praise in the EDM community and the mainstream as well. I’d like to give the heads up that this EP is nothing like Skrillex or any of the other more popular dubstep artists right now. Datsik has released some real sinister dubstep tracks here. Don’t miss out.

Datsik’s Cold Blooded is available on iTunes, Beatport and Firepower Records.


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