Pop-Press: Electric Guest’s New Video

the news desk gets a little dancey…

electric guestlogo


Remember when alternative videos were interesting and cool?

Well, it seems that were don’t have to look to a bygone era for that these days as videos, especially from indie and alt rock bands are really stepping things up creatively.

Take the LA-based Electric Guest, whose video for the single “The Bait” is dance and choreography-filled tribute to Lars Von Trier’s film Dogville. Yeah, kinda random, we know. But the song and the video are both super infections.

A little bit more on EG from their official bio: “Electric Guest is comprised of Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton plus a supporting cast of live players. The band began in earnest when Asa’s brother introduced him via phone to Danger Mouse, sparking a musical relationship that developed organically into Danger Mouse producing the 10 songs that were unveiled to the world in April 2012 as Mondo.”

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