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TV Recap: Workaholics, ‘Fourth and Inches’

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Here we are once again. Another week has passed and we are a little bit older, and perhaps a little bit wiser. The same cannot be said for the three main characters from Comedy Central’s Workaholics. Well, technically they’d be older, but wiser, certainly not. Anders, Adam, and Blake have once again gotten themselves into a ridiculous mess and have no one to blame but themselves, as per usual. In this week’s episode, the guys tackle a serious issue: high school football. (Tackle. Football. Priceless. Moving on.) In addition to that, they also touch on Ander’s sordid past with gambling, and question the size of Blake’s manhood. So, there’s a lot to talk about.


The episode begins with the guys and their favorite unbalanced co-worker, Jillian, attending a high school football game in full costume. Anders is sporting a horned Viking helmet, Blake is decked out in a leather cowboy hat and bandana, and Adam (fully committed as usual) is wearing full-face paint and spike-studded “Legion of Doom” style shoulder pads. He kind of looks like a gas pirate from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. I am OK with this. However, they are not wearing these costumes so much in support of the home team, but more so to facilitate their yelling of obscenities at the players that they feel are not performing to the best of their abilities. Did I mention this was a high school football game? If you are familiar with the series, this should not surprise you.


Anyway, after a while, parents start complaining and the guys decide to settle down. It’s here that they run into an old adversary, Jerry, the leader of the high school kids from the season 2 episode “Heist School.” Jerry overhears the guys talking about making some bets on the game after seeing Jillian’s nephew Billy excellent performance. Anders is at first apprehensive about this because he apparently has had some gambling problems in the past, once losing an $80 birthday gift his grandma gave him. Anders eventually relents and (unsurprisingly) gets himself in deeper than he wants.

Meanwhile, Blake is called out on the size of his junk while using a child-sized urinal in a crowded men’s room at the game. The rumor that he is less than endowed spreads throughout the high school like wildfire. After making a bet with Jerry and staking Ander’s beloved Volvo on the homecoming game, the boys decide they need to incapacitate Jillian’s nephew somehow so that he can’t play in the game the following day. And what better way to achieve that goal than consuming copious amounts of alcohol? The plan works, although not as expected, when Billy gets into a car accident after ditching the guys.


It would appear that everything is going to work in our heroes’ favor, until the game is dedicated in Billy’s honor, and the team starts playing really well. It looks as if Anders is going to lose his Volvo until Adam takes it upon himself to put on Billy’s uniform and sabotage the game. Adam is performing horribly but succumbs to his own ridiculous ego and goes for a touchdown. He nearly succeeds before Anders, who has now run onto the field, tackles him. Anders, Adam, and Blake make a run for the parking lot but are confronted by Jerry and his associates. They demand retribution for being burned and decide on a final bet: the actual size of Blake’s penis. You will have to watch the episode to find out the ultimate outcome.

This week’s episode was probably one of the strongest ones they’ve had yet in a season that has been awesome thus far. I appreciate that they decided to expand on minor characters and create a Workaholics Universe in a sense. I feel that it gives the show (one that is generally pretty silly) a degree of depth and keeps the whole series from getting stale. The second and third season had some great moments but fell flat in some episodes. I think that they have hit their stride in this season and figured out what works best. I look forward to next week’s episode.

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