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TV Recap: Pretty Little Liars, ‘What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted’

kelly duncan’s heart is broken…


After last weeks’ episode, things needed to get back on track and this week they did just that. Right off the bat, Hanna, Emily and Aria are walking the halls of the school wondering where Spencer is, only to find her in the school courtyard being kicked off the Decathlon team for missing a practice. Emily tries to talk to her about what just happened, telling her she needs to stand up to Mona and take her spot back. Instead, Spencer just keeps on giving Emily the same attitude she’s been giving everyone for the past 2 weeks. Seriously, it has been long enough, Spencer. It is so far past the time to tell your friends that Toby is the bad guy, I just can’t take it anymore! Grrr… I should never be so angry before the opening credits even come up. She’s gone so batty that in an effort to get back on the Decathlon team she challenges a male member of the team to a strip-quiz game in order for him to change his vote. Of course, this is, abc family, so as soon as they’re down to their skivvies Emily interrupts and the game is over. This is only the beginning of the erratic, non-Spencer behavior we see in this episode.

Now, as you may recall, Hanna and Caleb had met up with his Uncle Jamie while cleaning out Caleb’s aunts’ house, but Hanna is convinced that said uncle is actually Caleb’s dad. She hunts him down and as it turns out, she’s right. After a small spat and some convincing, she convinces Caleb to meet up with him at, The Brew. Just when he seems to be a no-show, Caleb has lost all hope and is about to leave, in walks daddy. Things go so great between Caleb and his dad, Hanna helps to get him a job at the church where her mother’s boyfriend is a pastor in order to keep him in town a little longer. Hanna’s feeling so good about how everything has gone throughout the day that she puts a five dollar bill with a distinct doodle on it in the donation box. When they get back to Hanna’s house, Caleb’s dad goes to pay the pizza delivery man, and Hanna notices that he is paying with the very same bill she donated to the church. Poor Hanna, I have a feeling her good deed will be coming back to bite her in the butt before the seasons over.

On the other side of town, Wes is assisting Aria on a photo-shoot with CeCe, who called Aria for a last minute favor. I don’t know what this girl’s agenda is, but for some reason she leaves to go and get the three of them dinner. After disappearing for an incredibly long time, she calls to let them know that her car had been towed… from her car. CeCe, you little liar. Later on, while Aria is getting spare pillows and blankets for Wes (she offered him her couch after his crazy mother hunted him down at Ezra’s) he tries to kiss her. Way to be a crappy brother, Wes. This move is a big mistake for both involved, because we all know that even though Wes did the kissing, somehow Ezra is going to find out, presumably from, A and Aria’s going to get screwed. I can’t even imagine what CeCe has to gain by getting these two together, but I suppose time will tell.

Back in the Hastings house, Spencer, being her miserable self is getting ready to sit down to a super healthy dinner with her sister when surprise, surprise, she gets a visit from Wren. Wren was previously engaged to Spencer’s sister, got busted hooking with Spencer during said engagement and then worked with Mona while she was in the nut house. Apparently he has decided to pop in for a visit because according to Mona, Spencer needs some serious help. Unknown to Wren, Mona isn’t really concerned about Spencer, Mona just wants to push her buttons. Being the smart-cookie that she is, Spencer turns her act around and asks Wren to take her out for the night, for her mental health of course. She gets him to take her to the very same place that the Decathlon competition is taking place the following day. Reversing the situation so she has the upper hand she approaches Mona during their practice and lets her know that she’s on to all of her little games. Mona comments on the fact that Spencer doesn’t have any of her friends with her, which really makes Spencer lose it and she lunges across the table and attacks Mona. I can’t lie, it was pretty bad-ass. Spencer is making her way back into my good graces.

Emily, being the busy bee that she is, just can’t stop digging for clues about anything and everything pertaining to Ali’s last days. She goes to Jason to run damage control after Spencer blabbed about Ali’s pregnancy, and together they start looking into what kind of role Wilden may have played in Ali’s pregnancy and murder. They find proof that CeCe lied about knowing Wilden in a photo of CeCe, Wilden and Ali all on a boat together. The photo is in Jason’s dad’s new office building. In order to get their hands on the picture they go after hours, so it is dark with no witnesses. They’re leaving the building when the elevator gets stuck. Jason plays the role of the manly man and pries the doors open enough so that Emily can jump out. Just as she’s about to grab the doors for him the shaft breaks and the elevator drops. Miraculously, he doesn’t die.

In the hospital, he tells Emily that someone else was in the building and stole the picture from him during the accident. He asks her to get him some more water and within mere moments he disappears, leaving behind his neck-brace and every other thing that was attached to him. I can’t imagine anyone having the strength to get out of bed by themselves after such an extreme accident, even if they were in on it, but at the same time, how would anyone else manage to get into the room in order to take him out. I don’t know what to make of that mess.

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