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Reviewing the Dead: ‘Home’

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Plot: After seeing his dead wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is trying to find out what it all means. Daryl (Norman Reedus) meanwhile in traveling with his brother Merle (Michael Rooker), but isn’t too keen on being away from The Prison. In the absence of both Daryl and Rick, Glenn (Steven Yeun) hastily takes up a leadership role among his group. Back in Woodbury, The Governor (David Morrissey) is starting to lose trust in Andrea (Laurie Holden) and might be keeping even more secrets from her.


Even though the episode aired yesterday, I’m still blown away by the events that took place. Season 3 of The Walking Dead has had a quick pace throughout and “Home” is no exception. In fact, the sudden progression that took place this episode is on par with how Lori died in Episode 4 “Killer Within”. It’s this plot progression and the strong focus on Daryl that made “Home” soar.

In my opinion, Daryl stole the show this week. The previous episode “The Suicide King” saw Daryl leave Rick’s group so he could travel with Merle. I wasn’t a fan of the fact that we got no follow up that episode regarding this, but thankfully “Home” more than made up for that. Daryl was not only shown as the hero we all know he is, but his personal growth in the long absence of his brother was highlighted perfectly. I loved Daryl’s readiness to stand up to Merle while he was ransacking the people they saved and to do what’s right. I’m also glad that Daryl is back at The Prison now too. It’s really where he belongs.


The last several minutes were incredible as well. For those who haven’t already figured it out, the sudden plot progression I mentioned previously was The Governor’s surprise attack on The Prison. This is definitely not something I saw happening so soon. Obviously this attack was more to send a message than to actually wipe out Rick’s group, but I expected this to happen in a few more episodes. You’d think The Governor would take more time recovering from Rick’s double assault on his town. Considering how much this season has left to cover in very little time, officially starting the war between Woodbury and The Prison now is a great idea. Now no time is being wasted getting to what the people want to see!


It was great that the attack was such a surprise within the episode too. Looking back at it, there were a ton of subtle clues that something was going to happen at the end. Glenn’s frustration that no one is on lookout, The Governor and Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) mysteriously vanishing from Woodbury, and the clear indication that Milton (Dallas Roberts) is keeping secrets from Andrea but we don’t know what they are. These all foreshadow The Governor’s actions, and yet it was still a huge surprise. Plus, what better way to start an insane scene than to suddenly wipe out a character who’s casually talking to a romantic interest? RIP Axel (Lew Temple). At least you went in a very similar manner than you did in the comics.

I also like the idea of a lack of trust going on between Andrea and the rest of Woodbury. Clearly her history with Rick’s group has been revealed, and now her loyalties are being questioned. Hopefully this will finally make her either re-join Rick’s group or start being an interesting character overall. Obviously I’m all for both options.


What I really disliked about this episode though was the complete absence of any recognition for Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and his small group. Their departure in the confusion of Rick going completely bonkers is still an unanswered cliffhanger from “The Suicide King”. Where did they go in such a short amount of time? Why did no one who stood up for them question why they left, such as Hershel (Scott Wilson)? If they didn’t travel very far, how come they didn’t hear The Governor and his friends attacking The Prison? These are all questions I hope are answered next week, and I wish I wasn’t still asking them.

“Home” was a great episode and a solid indicator that nothing has changed from the first half regarding pace and action. I’m officially on the edge of my seat and can’t wait to see what the aftermath of these events are.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. I was shocked nothing was happening with Tyreese’s group. Even if it had just been them in the one scene in the beginning with Glen and Carl mapping out the prison and the potential holes in their security.
    It was sad we never got to fully explore how former prisoners would be if unleashed in this new world. I think it would have made a more compelling subplot.

  2. To be honest, things were moving so fast that I didn’t think too much about Tyreese’s group, athough I did briefly wonder if they’d show up during the attack. Guess I’m just taking it for granted that, somewhere down the line, we will see them again.

    I’m loving this season! I think Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey make Rick and The Governor great antagonists. So looking forward to seeing the two of them do scenes together!

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