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TV Recap: Pretty Little Liars, ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’

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Hallelujah! Spencer finally broke the news that Toby, has in fact, been working with Mona all along in the constant torment of our pretty little liars. I, for one, would be furious on so many levels if I were Aria, Spencer or Hanna. First and most obviously, I’d be pissed at Toby. Then, I’d pissed at Spencer for keeping the news all to herself for so long. Sure, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t jumping to conclusions, I mean, she was sleeping with the guy after all. But, that is no excuse. You can be damn sure that if anyone else withheld that kind of info Spencer would go all sorts of crazy on them. Spencer was warned to keep her mouth shut, and A kept her/his word. No sooner than she blabbed, she received a wreath of sympathy flowers with a special note threatening to go after someone close to her.

While Hanna and Aria seem nearly indifferent to the news, Emily just doesn’t want to believe it. She still considers Toby one of her best-friends and thinks that there has to be an explanation behind what Spencer has claimed. Like the possibility that he had been blackmailed just like Lucas. Speaking of, I kind of miss that kid. Anyway, Emily insists on trying to hunt Toby down and getting an explanation. She tries his parent’s house, but the mail and newspapers have piled up, so clearly Toby’s not the only one from his family to be MIA. While there, someone pulls up in Toby’s truck, but it turns out to be a friend from work. He tells Emily that Toby lent him the truck while he was out of town because of an emergency, but that’s all he knows.

Never one to give up, she goes to the police station and uses her mom’s computer to do a search for Toby’s alias, E. Lamb, to see if she can hunt him down that way. Too bad for her, her mom came back too soon for her to get the info she needed. But, hey! That’s OK, because just a little while later, Toby texts her and tells her to stop looking for him, he’ll meet her. Alone, of course. I can’t fathom what would make this girl trust him, but she’s willing to go anyway. Once she gets to their meeting place, she turns off her car and waits… and waits. Apparently, a couple of hours pass and just as she’s getting ready to leave, she spots the girl with the red coat walk into the building that she’s been sitting in front of this whole time. She decides to follow her, yet another horrible idea.


As it turns out, this place is the very same workshop that Toby has been working at. Emily asks the first person she sees if they saw a blond in a red coat walk through. Shocker, the guy she speaks to is Toby’s friend from earlier. He says there’s no blonde in a red-coat and that he still doesn’t know where Toby is. Then, he calls her by name and tells her to go home. Crazy thing, she never introduced herself to him. He swears she did, but we all know she didn’t. This is another one of those things that would creep me out entirely, and yet she seems not even phased. So, Emily leaves only to find her driver side window smashed in with a package for her on her seat. What’s inside is more than just a little creepy. It’s a tiny coffin with a note inside, “Toby is no more –A.” Along with a program for his apparent funeral.

On the other side of town, Spencer is so worried that Mona is going to go after Emily, she decides to spend her night following her. They start at, The Brew, but when Mona gets a phone call she rushes out and Spencer is just a few steps behind her. Shocker, they end up in the woods. It is here that Spencer runs after Mona, and is led to, get ready, Toby’s dead body! Mona runs off, but Spencer can’t help getting a closer look. He’s still wearing his motorcycle helmet, but she recognizes his tattoo and breaks down. I thought Spencer went cray cray before, but oh boy, I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. Mona shouts out from within the trees, “Toby’s dead!” and Spencer races after her. She never catches her, instead she collapses on a random dirt clearing in the woods and can’t stop crying. I know, I know, she was in love with him, but she should be moving past hurt and be deep into angry by now. Just be happy that’s one less person around to torture you.


It may not be as dramatic as finding your ex-boyfriend’s dead body, but Aria had to deal with her fair share of drama herself in this episode. She shows up at Ezra’s apartment, only to find him and his son hanging out. Turns out, when Maggie lost her condo, she and Malcolm hopped in the car and left Delaware thinking that Rosewood would be a better place for them. While Ezra’s tutoring and Maggie’s out job hunting Aria offers to babysit Malcolm. Aria is heading to the fridge to get Malcolm a juice box and he starts jumping on the bed. Within mere seconds, he falls off the bed and manages to cut himself so badly that Aria has to take him to the emergency room. While there, Ezra swears up and down that he’s not mad at Aria, kids fall, yada yada, but he still acts like he’s mad at her. She calls him out on it and things seem to cool off. When Maggie shows up they get down-right cold. She blows right past Aria, who is apologizing repeatedly, and she won’t even acknowledge her. Seriously people, it’s a scraped chin. Kids fall and get hurt all the time. Get over it. The nurse comes in and tells Aria that she has to leave, and guess what, Ezra doesn’t even say goodbye to her. The look on Aria’s face makes me think that that relationship just isn’t going to make it. I can’t lie, it makes me a little sad.

Now, let’s not forget Hanna’s part in this episode. This is where things get really crazy. Hanna and her mom, Ashley gets home from trying to find Wilden’s body. That sentence itself is pretty ridiculous. Anywho, Ashley says she wants to call her lawyer, which is a totally sensible thing to do. She knows she can’t just ignore the fact that she most likely just killed a cop. Yet, somehow, Hanna manages to convince her not to say anything until they know more. That’s just plain old stupid and Ashley should absolutely have pulled the parent card and called her lawyer. Later on, while Ashley is out, and Hanna is home alone, she hears a beep in her garage and goes to investigate. What do you know, it’s Wilden’s car and it is playing the tape of her mom’s accident on a loop. She doesn’t seem at all affected by the fact that someone drove a car into her garage and shut the door behind them, which is something that would totally freak me out. Instead, she calls Aria over and gets her to help her bring Wilden’s car to the lake where they roll it in, in hopes of destroying the evidence of the accident. This is easily one of the worst decisions made by any of these girls. Ever.

As if this wasn’t enough crazy for one night, the best was saved for last. Spencer never made it out of the woods. Nope, a hiker finds her mumbling to herself and acting more than a little crazy. The park rangers come to get her, and since she has no ID on her, she is considered a Jane Doe and they bring her in for a psych evaluation. Clearly, she’s gone legitimately crazy. I can’t wait to see what happens to her and what she manages to discover about, A, while she’s in the nut-house.

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